This Week At New [REDACTED] Content

-This Week At Truth, we sit and wait. Tune in at 10AM ET/7AM PT for the new trailer launch!!! Below you'll find all our regular new season points to keep in mind, first weekly reset info for [REDACTED], and all the information you need to support Witty and Shua these next few weeks. Be aware that downtime kicks in early today before the trailer drops!

-The Plunderin' is over for now, and it's time to get back into the grind of a new season. At the time of printing this, we don't know the name or direct purpose of the new season, but we did get some teased a few images of Osiris, Ana Bray, and a new Twitter banner with  Earth front and center, so when that trailer drops we can piece together the rest. New seasonal activities, story, weapons, armor and a brand new dungeon all come at us this week. A reminder about our Discord rules for new content: if it has to do with sandbox/general updates it is fair game in any channel. If it has to do with the new story, seasonal activities, etc., then that should go in the seasonal channel that always begins with #season_of_..... If you come across something that is the result of a leak, datamine, or anything else not in the game yet, that should go in #leaks_datamines_spoilers. Thank you for keeping our general channels spolier-free!

-This week, start the new season off with, while we don't know much yet, we do have some things we know are coming. First off, Moments of Triumph begins this week! If it is anything like last year's event, expect it to involve the Witch Queen DLC, the seasonal stories and quests from this past year, raiding, lots of weapon kills, and much more! Our first Nightfall is the return of Kargen and The Insight Terminus. Rift is the Crucible rotator. Pinnacle rotators are reset back to Last Wish and Shattered Throne this week 

-Today is also the beginning of the Bungie's annual Game2Give charity campaign. Run by the Bungie Foundation, this charity donates to several worthy causes including Little Lights (formerly iPads for Kids), Children's Miracle Network Hospitals, Ronald McDonald House and more! Witty and Shua Verde are both fundraising this event and we each have special incentives and milestones cooked up for donations - if you like shenanigans, seeing us in pain, or banning Pentad, you should consider a donation! 

Witty's Incentives and Donation Link HERE 

 Shua's Incentives and DONATION LINK HERE 


-On top of our own milestones, you get some sweet in-game loot for donating as well! $10 gets you the returning Arc Propellant emblem. $25 gets you the new Respite's Focus emblem. $60 gets you the new Tenderhearted ghost shell. And $100+ gets you the Light Hearted sparrow, the first Bungie Foundation sparrow! 


-If you were planning to donate to get the rewards, why not do it to support your clan admins as they fundraise for a good cause as well. Also gives you chances to be entered into our giveaways! Last year Clan Truth raised over $3000 total for the fundraiser. Be sure to also show some love to Shua on December 18th at 11AM ET on his Twitch channel when he will be the Featured Streamer for Game2Give! 

-we've updated Discord to now be @ mentions only by default. You can manually change these settings for yourself or any specific channel that you want to get all messages in, but the default server setting will only be pings. 

-I wish everyone a happy Tuesday reset. This will be a 12-week season and then the big drop - Lightfall. Get they hype train in motion and your Game2Give support going! Cheers.