This Week At Moar Grandmas!

-This Week At Truth, Grandma Excision isn't the only one to worry about now, we've got Grandmaster Nightfalls, more changes to raids and dungeons, and a brief milestone for the Discord to drop some notes on

-Grandmaster Nightfalls return this week starting with The Glassway. You still may be a ways from a comfortable Power Level for it, but everyone loves a good challenge! Nightfalls also have bonus rep AND bonus rewards all week, so its a great time to try and restock on Ascendant Shards and Prisms if you need to. There's also Rift and Countdown Crucible rotators this week. Vault of Glass raid, Shattered Throne dungeon, and Starcrossed exotic mission to partake in. 

-You maybe have noticed that raids and dungeons had some power level changes and surges rotating each week, which was certainly a hot topic in the community. Bungie announced in TWAB that they are reverting some of the changes, you can read about them here but the TLDR is that the scaling will basically feel like all weapons have the surges now to mitigate some of the loadout issues and damage dealing issues people faced. Still Hunt is Still Bae. We also started building our #salvations-edge resource channel with the rest of the raids and dungeon resources which we will keep adding to as infographics and such come out.

-Salvation's Edge Master content opens this week as well for those looking to push themselves in the raid and earn some extra loot! 

-ICYMI, dmg is back! 

-For a brief moment this week, we crossed the 1,500 member mark! We've seen a lot of new and returning players jumping into Discord and are glad to have all of you around. Get some loot and have some fun this week - cheers!