This Week At Mid-Season Patch

-This Week At Truth, we wait for reset to unveil all that will be changing in the mid-season patch today. Bungie has been teasing us with bits and pieces of content to come with this update, so expect a hefty set of patch notes when it drops. Keep an eye on the Bungie Help Twitter (which will post to our Discord as well) for updates on downtime and release. 

-Well after reset we've got a busy week ahead as well! The Mars Battleground is the GM and Nightfall this week (good news though, we know one of the items on the mid-season patch includes pieces to make the Battlegrounds less oppressive, which will help this week for GMs and Nightfalls as well as future seasons that may contain Battlegrounds in this rotation). Bonus Crucible Ranks as both Zone Control and Momentum Control playlists will be active. The Pinnacle rotators are Garden of Salvation raid and Duality dungeon.

-This week is also the final rotating challenge for Root of Nightmares, All Hands, will be available this week, meaning players have the ability to earn the raid seal starting today after reset (RIP to your checkpoints though with the patch today). Cosmic Equilibrium gave what I would call a legitimate challenge on Master difficulty, so I am hopeful that All Hands will also meet that standard of challenge.

-We have a few podcasts featuring Clan Truth guests this week for your listening adventures! Witty will be on The Destiny Show podcast Friday night LIVE at 8PM ET, you can watch live on their Twitch channel, I'll be talking all things Destiny and getting into all the stuff we do around here in Clan Truth on their show. And on Monday you can listen to The Guardians Feed podcast hosted by our own Luminous Zero, an episode with special guest onehandedbanditt discussing Destiny, gaming with disabilities and accessibility in games. You can check that out on Spotify or Apple Podcasts when it is posted Monday. 

-We updated our #build-discussion forum a tad to have a set of rules for posting. Mainly, keep it short/simple in the title, credit the build if it came from another source, and be descriptive or use screenshots/links to help make it easy to convey all the pieces of the build (armor, mods, aspects/fragmets, etc.)

-See you starside! (And hopefully in the live chat Friday). Cheers!