This Week At Master! (of puppets? OF RAIDS!)

-This Week At Truth, we've got a new Master challenge. Some weekly story. Some sweet gold drip to vote on. Some weekly reset shenanigans to get into. Some Trials of Osiris to cover. Some community fun to spotlight. It's another smashing weekly recap for the Clan Truth peeps!

-Now we love to raid around here, as you can probably tell from the jam-packed #lfg_event_schedule channel. And you've been smashing King's Fall the first 4 weeks it has been out. Over 400 clan and discord members have completed the raid since it has been out - with some people already securing dozens of clears! Now that many of you have gotten some experience under your belt, the next step awaits: Master King's Fall and the rotating challenges!

-For all raiders, Normal Mode Challenges will begin - these reward an extra piece of loot for the encounter that is up that week, and rotate with each weekly reset. It should be the Totems encounter but keep an eye out if it isn't. If you are chasing the Kingslayer seal, you'll not only to complete each weekly challenge, but you can also continue that process by completing Master King's Fall. Master is 1600 power level on all encounters, usually has added champions, and is no small feat. Master King's Fall has its own triumphs as well as Adept version of the raid weapons to obtain. Players should be weary before stepping into a group for this - you'll want solid builds and weapons, a Power Level that can handle surviving 1600 enemies without being a burden, and some solid knowledge of the raid and encounters. If you aren't quite ready to tackle Master King's Fall, there will be many groups still running the Normal version of the raid as well.  

-The Nightfall this week is Exodus Crash, still hammering out the details of the weapon rotation but once we are able to this weekly update will include that. Scorched is the Crucible rotator, and this weekend of Trials will be Freelance. This week the rotating Pinnacles goes off kilter, thanks to Vow not having a paired rotating dungeon. The raid will be Vow of the Disciple and Shattered Throne is the dungeon. 

-We added a new webpage Clan Tools to the website, right now this is another place besides the pinned messages in #destiny-chat to fill out the Triumph hunting Form and there is a link to the responses Google Sheet. FILL OUT THE TRIUMPH HUNTING FORM! We highly encourage you to take some time if you are triumph hunting for seals or other things to fill it out and find some buddies who want to work towards the same endgame goals. There will undoubtedly be some dead time the next two seasons and it usually is a great time to work on these things you may be putting off now. 

-GoForGold voting starts this week! Get your submissions in by NOON ET today (Tues 9/20) After reset, the entries will be posted in the #dresstiny_contest channel and you will have access to vote for a winner. The gold drip with the most votes will win one of the new mousepads! Good luck to all the entrants. Mousepads and more are still on sale on the clan store - all proceeds from these items this month will be donated to St Jude in honor of Childhood Cancer Awareness month! 

-We wanted to add a section for Community Highlights. This past weekend the team of Spin, G_Hostage, Milk (Timelost), hotlilcupcake, CawkyKyle and L3bron Gam3s completed a "Medieval Vault of Glass" run in which they only used Bows, Glaives and Swords to complete the raid! If you have a fun idea like this that you think the whole community could get involved with let us know and we can make it a community-wide event so more people can participate! Past community events have included Clan PvP nights, raid races and the new Admin Office Hours. See something you think is worth recognizing among our community members? Let an admin know so we can give it a shoutout! Whether its fun stuff, helping hands, IRL accomplishments we want to recognize what our great community does. 

-over the rest of this season we have some things to keep an eye on around here. We're inching closer to expansion as our 6 current clan rosters seem to be reaching their caps. We will be adding some stuff to discord to clarify our rules for LFG events, pingable roles and etiquette so it is visible and can be better understood. A "calendar of future discord events" is on the way as well. Thanks for being along for the ride with us and see you out there -- cheers!