This Week At Making Shua Famous

-This Week At Truth, we are celebrating an awesome opportunity for one of our own admins, and getting ready to tackle the final Sever mission.

-Today before reset we have hotfix (piercing sidearms bug among others). The last Sever mission unlocks, make sure to keep those discussions in the right channel. 

-Showdown returns as the Crucible rotator and Capture Zone returns to Crucible Labs. For the Nightfall we have Arms Dealer, and according to the people on the internet, we should get Plug One as the weapon this week (second to last chance to earn this before it is removed). Here is a link I've taken to be fairly accurate but may not be (we know how internal things can get switched up with Bungie patches) for Nightfall weapons this season. 

-This weeks Rotators are Garden of Salvation and Pit of Heresy. All GoS challenges will be active and the final boss of GoS and Pit will drop  Pinnacle rewards. NOTE: Divinity is still quest-based and therefore doesn't get the "run as many times as you want for a chance at the exotic" change that other raids have gotten

-Grandmaster Nightfalls, or GMs, open 7/5 (1 week from today) which means one more week to get light-level appropriate for the first week of GMs (1585 minimum with Power Level + Artifact combined). Reminder that you are capped at 1585 for the activity so nothing above that number helps. If you've never done GMs this should be on the easier side compared to some seasons, and its a great PvE activity to get high-tier loot and materials. 

-Did someone say giveaway? Courtesy of the most bannable Pentad - a Euclidean Theorem emblem (this was the $60 reward from donations to GCX charity marathon) Slap a ban Pentad emote on this post in Discord for a chance to win!

-Bungie has some surprise things for Bungie Day celebration planned that we are yet to be made aware of, but we can tell you one thing. Our very own admin Shua Verde has been chosen as a Featured Community Streamer for the Bungie Day Giving Festival, benefitting the Bungie Foundation!!! Shua's 2-hour block will be broadcast live on his Twitch channel (go drop a follow if you haven't already) tune in on Saturday July 9th at 3PM ET/12PM PT, more details and information will be posted in Discord for donation incentives, milestones and more! This is a great opportunity for the clan to show up for one of our own who has been given an amazing opportunity to do some good for the Bungie Foundation. Congrats Shua!

-See you out there Guardians, I am anxiously awaiting how the Season of the Haunted storyline will unfold near the end here. Cheers!