This Week At Love Is In The Air

-This Week At Truth, Valentine's Day is here and we've got Crimson what I wish was true. I do miss Crimson Doubles. Sadly, no Valentine's event anymore. Short post inbound. Here's you recap and all the stuff to knock out this week.

-TWID gave us some good info on weapon updates coming in March. New weapons to the loot pool for Trials, Iron Banner and Nightfalls, those will start the first week of March (note next Iron Banner isn't until April 2nd for those weapons) and the release schedule can be found in the linked post for TWID. Starting March 5th you also get 700 Bright Dust each week just for logging in and claiming it all the way through the Final Shape release.

-New Riven's Wish quest if you've been doing them (I haven't, honestly) so that makes what...3 now? 3 more to go after this. Nightfall and GM is the Heist Battleground: Moon and Braytech Osprey Rocket Launcher is the reward. Crucible rotators are Scorched and Showdown. Trio rotators are Vow of the Disciple raid, Prophecy dungeon, and Vox Obscura exotic mission. Bonus Trials ranks this weekend! 

-Much love to everyone who stopped by my GuardiansMH charity stream Sunday, we raised $200 during my block and $2,060 for GuardiansMH. That's 206 mental health kits they can now build and ship at no cost to anyone who requests them. Be sure to check out the GuardiansMH website for more information on this incredible charity work born from the Destiny and gaming communities. 

-We are in that seasonal lull, if you're off doing other adventures to not get burnt out we get it, but its great seeing that we still have a lot of events and things going on as well. Keep having fun and spread the love. Cheers!