This Week At Long Live The TWAB

-This Week At Truth, we pour one out for our beloved TWAB. Back in February of 2016, the previously named weekly installment of Bungie Weekly Update was rebranded to better fit what was going on - finding out what's new this week at Bungie, with all of the Destiny things going on in-game and behind-the-scenes. With Marathon due to come in the next year or two, TWAB has been retired and is now This Week In Destiny, or TWID......doesn't quite have the same feel, not gonna lie. Fret not, friends. We will still be bringing you weekly TWAT goodness with no plans to change any acronyms or abbreviations.

-Update today - downtime this morning around 8:15AM PT. Today's update will patch the extra free red-border pattern from Last Wish, reenable some exotic armors, and fix that pesky bug allowing grenades to pass through Titan barricades and bubbles. Stay tuned for patch notes later.

-You have a few days left to post to social media your Guardian drip with the hashtag #DrownInTheDrip, for a chance to win a sweet fashion emblem

-Grandmaster Nightfalls begin!.....sorta. With no Power Level increase this season, Bungie decided to give us GMs earlier this season. However, the catch-up/gilding node will still not be out for a few more weeks.

-You can dive into the first GM this week which is The Lightblade (more moths after all these Ghost of the Deep runs? why.....) and it is a chance to earn the Adept Wendigo GL3. Supremacy, for the very first time, and Momentum Control are the Crucible rotators. Bonus ranks in Gambit this week. The rotating Pinnacle raid is Vault of Glass and the dungeon is Shattered Throne.

-New seasonal story this week, make sure the discussion only goes in #season-of-chase-crawford. Keep on fishing those fishies, or maybe slaying some demons in Diablo IV. Enjoy the week, Guardians!