This Week At Lightfall HYPE

-This Week At Truth, peep a brand new video showcasing new weapons and gear coming in Lightfall. With only 4 weeks to go we are getting antsy and hyped for what's to come. Be ready for a quick hotfix at reset (RIP your checkpoints). Last week's TWAB also dropped some information on changes set to happen today and with Lightfall. You can check out all of the armor and weapon focusing changes happening here. Today, a change goes live that will refresh the Weekly deepsight red border weapon you can claim from vendors from seasons 16-19 (all of the ones in the HELM) to a Daily refresh, allowing you to acquire and craft these weapons more easily before they go away. We also get extra extra Gambit ranks until the end of the season! 

-Iron Banner is back this week for the second and final time this season. Iron Banner is also getting increased rep gains. More rep per match can be earned and increased the multipliers for wearing Iron Banner armor/ornaments and emblem. It is also Momentum Control for the weekly rotator. Birthplace of the Vile and bonus Vanguard rank is up for the Nightfall and strikes this week, with the weapon reward being Hung Jury. Your rotators are Vault of Glass and the Grasp of Avarice dungeon.

-Speaking of Dungeons, we are putting on a pseudo-event this weekend with a Dungeon-Help-A-Thon. Now, I did fuck up the sign up form. My bad. It didnt track names for anybody who signed up, so I do not know who said what dungeons and times they were available to help with. In typical half-baked fashion, we're gonna wing it. The event will be made in  Discord as a reminder, sherpas/helpers can ping the @Dungeons role when they are ready to do whatever helps and give a location for VC.

-It is also time for a new Clan Montage! We are looking to get some new clips from YOU to show off all the cool things we've done in game before Lightfall. If you've got a clip (or 5) that you think is absolutely awesome/funny/excellent, be sure to post it in the MONTAGE CLIPS THREAD under the #creations channel to get your submission in. We will make our best effort to get everyone that submits something represented but we cannot promise that all clips will make the final cut. 

-If you've got some fun or cool stuff to share that doesn't involve gaming, be sure to share that with the admins, as we want to be able to add more stuff to our Truth IRL sections of the website.

-Short update as we start our descent into some new content coming up soon. In 2 weeks we have the conclusion of the seasonal story and Witch Queen DLC arcs, and in 4 weeks a new journey begins. Enjoy some new video this morning to hype us up with weapons and armor, and welcome to February. The countdown to Lightfall is ON! Cheers.