This Week At Let Me Play The Game, Please!

-This Week At Truth, we are encountering zoo animal errors left and right. Trials rounds tying, enemies don't notice you, 'Contacting Destiny Servers", it has been quite a week unfortunately. While there is maintenance planned, Bungie did open up on socials about facing recent DDoS attacks, and shared that some outages in the past were also the result attacks, despite not being addressed outright at the time. 

-EdTWATers Note: My Tuesdays are awful due to my schedule. Some days TWAT will be pristine and published early, and some days it'll be what I could scrape together on my 20 minute lunch break. I'll let you decide which it is each week.

-There is no worse feeling in gaming than when you've got time set aside, you're all amped up to play something, and you can't because the servers are not cooperating. Whether its a stability issue or attacks, please understand a few things on our end. First, we are right there with you, frustrated and hoping to relax and play the game we are focused around. Second, we can't do anything about it. Venting about server issues may make you feel better to get it off your chest and find others that feel similarly, but discourse about things beyond our control is something we try to keep out of our channels because, candidly, nothing good will come from it, and we can't help you. Keep it positive as best you can. 

-This week, we've got new seasonal stuff - #season-of-hive-queen-eris for all content there. Heist Battleground: Mars is your GM and Nightfall, and the weapon should be the solar Pre Astyanax IV bow. Zone Control and Scorched for the Crucible rotators. And your trio of rotators are the King's Fall raid, Grasp of Avarice dungeon, and Operation: Seraph's Shield exotic mission.

-Our fingers and toes are crossed for some stability this week. Keep on doing your thing - cheers!