This Week At Keeping The Flames

-This Week At Truth, we've got our Flamekeeper swag going with the revamped Solstice event. With Solstice in full swing for 2 more weeks, there is plenty of time to chase whatever tickles your fancy from this event: The Flamekeeper seal and gilding, specific armor stat rolls for builds, rolls for Something New and Compass Rose with the Dream Work perks, you name it! 

-Hotfix today right before reset! You've been warned! 

-The Corrupted is the Nightfall and Grandmaster this week, which means you can get Horror's Least as the weapon drop! Clash is the Crucible rotator. Like banned game modes? Earn your bonus ranks this week in Gambit! The Pinnacle rotators are Garden of Salvation and Pit of Heresy.

-This weekend is the Seattle Truth Meetup! Join your favorite Clan Truth friends this weekend for some hangs, good laughs and grass-touching. Shua Verde will be updating the Truth IRL page here with all the details for the weekend.  Please DM Shua if you are attending this weekend's events so he can make a group chat to communicate with everyone as well as make reservations for the funtivities.  

-In future Destiny news, we got a tease from Hippy that we should be receiving information on next season's raid release so you can appropriately mark your calendars. Might be it's own tease or could be in TWAB Thursday. We also were made aware that on Aug 23rd we'll be getting a Showcase segment on the same day the new season releases 

-Check your emails! If you get the Bungie promotional emails one went out this week to vote for the Trials Map! Even if you don't play Trials, we can all win if voting gets to 77,000 votes in 48 hours and reward everybody with this sweet emblem 

-That's it for me this week. Enjoy your summers and Solstice event. Cheers! --Witty