This Week At June 7th Raid!

-This Week At Truth, we got a raid date! Throwing many of us for a loop, we found out on Thursday that the raid will indeed be on June 7th, just 3 days after The Final Shape launches. This is largely due to the tie-in with the campaign, where beating the raid will unlock another campaign mission that allows for the culmination of the storyline. We do not know much more about power levelling yet, but your best bet to get Day 1 ready is going to be (as with Lightfall) doing Legendary campaign to get that armor that will make you as high as you can be for the raid contest mode.

-Attached here, and in the post, and pinned in the #lfg_raids channel, are the Day 1 Google Form and Spreadsheet that we've used in the past. The form can be filled out by anyone, but the spreadsheet is view only (NOTE: if you square yourself away with a team, please send Witty a DM so he can remove you from the spreadsheet). You are also free to make a post in #lfg_event_schedule if you are just trying to on the fly find some people in the lead up to the raid dropping.

-Lake of Shadows is the Nightfall and GM this week. Momentum Control and Elimination join the Crucible rotation. Bonus Crucible rewards as well all week. Trio stuff is Last Wish raid, Duality dungeon, and Seraph's Shield exotic mission. 

-Alongside Hammerhead and Forbearance joining the BRAVE weapon arsenal, we are getting some loot drop increases as well to prevent the "farm 10 waves" that was becoming, let's be honest, the easiest way to get weapons on Legend. 

-That's our news folks. Keep on grinding and stay tuned for more news about Pantheon coming this week with it's release on the 30th (plus some more Banana for the PvP folks). Cheers!