This Week At Jack-O-Lanterns and Not Jack S Raymond

-This Week At Truth, it's time to get spooky! Festival of the Lost returns and we'll break down all the things you need to know for that and more this week. Big downtime today before reset and then you can get smashing those pumpkin-headed ghouls. Expected login is 1PM ET/10AM PT, and you never know with updates rolling out so be forewarned. 

-This iteration of FotL introduces Eerie Engrams, which can be redeemed alone or focused through Hocus Focusing.....did Jack S Raymond come up with these dad puns for Bungie? Eerie Engrams can be focused into weapons from the event or exotic armor, including armors you may not have discovered yet! The new weapon in the loot pool to go with Horror Story, Jurassic Green, and Mechabre is the Acosmic GSP, a void Heavy GL. And we have a new memento to earn from FotL drops as well!

-Scarlet Keep is the GM And Nightfall this week, with Buzzard as the weapon to earn. Rift and Momentum Control are the Crucible rotators, and we'll see Trials return as well with Iron Banner ending today. The trio of rotators are Garden of Salvation raid, Pit of Heresy dungeon, and Seraph Shield exotic mission.

-be sure to throw your Guardian transmog into #holiday-art-picture if you want to be drawn into the fun this year!

-Have some spooky fun out there!