This Week At Iron Bubble

-This Week At Truth, we are licking our proverbial wounds after a whirlwind week of Iron Banner. The new Fortress game mode was met with a head of steam and a handful of Titan Bubbles each game, some interesting latency and internet connections, and the hunt for that sweet chainmail shader. Overall, I enjoyed the game mode, but the discussion about where the PvP direction is going is one we could (but should not) spend a lot of time on, and we value our sanity here at Clan Truth. So instead, we move on to the next week of gaming, and we are officially 7 (Bungie Number!) weeks away from the release of Lightfall

-While there is no downtime scheduled for today, there will be ongoing background maintenance for a few hours around reset, be mindful of what that may do to your gaming experience. We will also get our first TWAB of the new year this week on Thursday, which I feel confident should be a meaty one given the time off and abundance of topics that can be addressed. 

-The Nightfall this week is Warden of Nothing, and it is actually your first chance to earn the reprised Wendigo Grenade Launcher (NOTE: not Adept, that will only be available the final week of the season). Ban those motes! Or bank them......your calll. Bonus Gambit ranks this week. Riiiiiiiiiift is the Crucible rotator. Your Pinnacles are back to the beginning of the rotation with Last Wish and Shattered Throne up. 

-While we never officially acknowledged it because the number fluctuated a bit around the holidays, we are officially over 1,300 members in our Discord community now! A magnificent feat that we are all proud of. As we approach the new DLC, our newest Clan roster is still in the process of growing to reach same base numbers as the other rosters. We usually do not add 2 new rosters during a single DLC, but demand this year was high, and now we need our community to make an effort and step up to get Hallowed Truth's numbers up there with the rest of them. Got a group of friends you game with and complete challenges with routinely? Are they scattered across rosters or even in a different clan? Consider bringing your team to HT and its saintly admin team of Saint Kabr and StCephalopod

-We have retired our Among Us VCs (it was fun while it lasted) and converted those voice channels into Gaming Help and Support. If you are running an activity and require some assistance, want to chat about builds, or what to do in Destiny 2, and anything in between, we wanted to offer some Voice Channels devoted specifically to assistance within our community. We hope these serve a helpful purpose for everyone.

-Your weekly reminder that story beats are spoiler content, and should only be discussed in the seasonal #season_of_ra_ra_rasputin channel. We are not afraid to swing the banhammer if that rule cannot be followed. Anything that comes from leaked information or a datamine can ONLY go in #leaks_datamines_spoilers. We take it very seriously when it comes to allowing our community members to experience new content at their own pace, so please respect everyone's time and our wishes with this. 

-We say this often, but as we approach new content we understand both sides of our community wishes. Some people are looking to grind out as many challenges and as much content as possible before Lightfall. There is a pinned message in #destiny-chat that has players' wishes for triumph hunting and completionist items before Lightfall begins (and a form as well for you to put your own things in). If you are looking to not burn yourself out and take some time to recharge the gaming batteries before Lightfall, we completely understand (and many of us are right there with you). Whatever your path, just know we are happy to have you around as part of our community. Cheers!