This Week At Into The W

-This Week At Truth, we are celebrating the massive W today that appears to be Into the Light. All of the content coming has been pretty massively detailed, from Onslaught to weapons and perks to earn, to the returning activities of Zero Hour and Whisper, PvP maps and sandbox updates. Be sure to have some fun today and dive into all that goodness. 

-While the game is down, check out Bungie's Final Shape Dev Gameplay Preview today at 1230PM ET/930AM PT on Bungie's Twitch or YouTube channels! Earn one more emblem and be ready for our new update! 

-Birthplace of the Vile is the Nightfall and GM, Crucible rotators are Rift + Showdown. Drifter giving out Bonus ranks all week. King's Fall raid, Grasp of Avarice dungeon, and Presage PLUS Whisper of the worm will be the exotic missions for the rotators - seems like we'll have 2 exotic mission rotators up each week for Into the Light. 

-There is A TON of stuff coming today. #bungie-livestream to talk all things shown today in the dev gameplay for The Final Shape. Whisper (and eventually Zero Hour) will have new secrets and we want to keep those a.....well, secret, so any new stuff for those goes in #season-of-dragon-tales. Don't want to spoil the fun for those that can't dive into it right away. 

-Hasn't been this much excitement around the game in a while, I myself am looking forward to diving back in (when my work schedule isn't killing me from the inside) with all of you. Cheers!