This Week At Illegal Weapon Weekend

-This Week At Truth, it sounds like we had some fun. Now, I was working all weekend so I missed out myself, but I saw some Dungeons and GMs get rolled over, raid shenanigans, Trials turned meme, and all-around silliness pop up. There was planned maintenance this morning, but now I don't know (see note below). 

-Seasonal story rolls along, we've been doing a great job keeping story beats to the #season-of-hive-queen-eris so let's keep that up.

-EDTWATERS NOTE: The next two items originally planned for Tuesday reset have been delayed, possibly to Thursday at the earliest. Leaving the info here in case it does drop mid-week.

-Master Crota's End and rotating raid challenges also will be live, with the first week being up for the first time. The Challenge is named "Conservation of Energy" so keep an eye out for the way to beat that challenge. If you are chasing the Swordbearer seal you will need to beat all challenges as well as beat all of them on Master difficulty. Master difficulty is 1840 but will include surges and overcharged weapons in addition to champions. 

-There were also some economy changes mentioned in TWID last week, including 2 guaranteed drops each week, and a "lucky drop" of all Essence needed for Necrochasm and the catalyst similar to a regular raid exotic drop. Starting in Season 23, items previously requiring Legendary Shards will lose that as part of the focusing cost, and in The Final Shape, Legendary Shards will be completely removed from the economy. I hear you can go buy a bunch of Phantasmal Fragments and Raid Banners if you'd like to turn them into something useful for the future. All details on economy changes can be found here in the TWID. 

-Elsewhere in game, The Devil's Lair is up as the Nightfall and Grandmaster, with a weapon reward of The Swarm. Rift and Mayhem are your Crucible rotators. The trio of rotators will include Vow of the Disciple raid, Prophecy dungeon, and Vox Obscura exotic mission. 

-Keep being excellent and have fun this week, even if your weapons can't do nonsense anymore. Cheers!