This Week At I Need Another Day Off

-This Week At Truth, why am I back at work one day after New Year's? In the Witty household, New Year's Eve is our biggest party of the year. We drink all night and spend all of New Year's Day recovering. I need an extra day, but sadly I am back to work. Which means it's also time to write up a weekly blog and contemplate my own existence. Let's roll the words!

-The usual spiel about seasonal stuff going in #season-of-dragon-tales. Let's see how far we get. Should be another thing to get for Wishkeeper from the exotic Starcrossed mission. 

- Iron Banner is back! Have fun banana-ing. Team Scorched and Showdown are also Crucible modes this week, and Bonus Crucible Ranks all week long. The Nightfall and GM this week is Heist Battleground: Moon. Trio rotators are King's Fall raid, Grasp of Avarice dungeon, and Vox Obscura exotic mission. 

-Thursday's return of TWID should have a bunch of stuff in it, including Game2Give information, Bungie's charity drive for the Bungie Foundation. We'll have more info in the coming weeks about how we'll be participating on our end to raise money for the cause.

-That's all the energy I have today. Good luck to everyone that has to re-enter society today. May the odds be in your favor. Cheers!