This Week At Hype Train [Conductor] Hype

-This week at Truth, I'm back, for good (?), or at least until my next vacation. Sidenote: Greece is amazing and was worth the 20 hours of flights and 12 hours spent on ferries to explore the islands.

-back to the important stuff. CONTENT. HYPE. MAS. MAAAAAAAAS. we enter a new season. Season 18. The return of [REDACTED] raid. Info about Lightfall. All of which will be revealed during the Showcase today. Showcase begins at 12ET/9PT (preshow is 11ET/8PT) on Bungie's Twitch and Youtube channels (IDK what a Bilibili is, sounds sexy). I suggest watching on Twitch personally, because if you have your Destiny 2 account linked to Twitch you can get a special emblem drop from watching 30 minutes of the Showcase today 

Get ready for more info about Lightfall, Arc 3.0, and MORE. Speaking of Arc 3.0, you can check last week's TWAB  and the special info dump they put out with information about Arc 3.0. Excited to see it in action! 

-Discord specific things now. This one is kind of important and will make our lives easier. If you can't follow these rules, we will sick Duchess on you. She is fierce (but actually, failure to follow these rules will lead to timeouts in Discord, you've been warned). For the showcase, we are putting a 24-hour moratorium on discussing it outside of the Showcase Thread that will be in  #season_of_redacted_spoilers. This is to allow those who are working/busy/part of big-timezone-conspiracy to have the ability to watch it without being spoiled. Keep ALL Showcase discussion in that thread until Noon ET on Wednesday. You will need the @Spoiler Channel Access role from #role_assign to view this channel and thread 

-When the new season goes live the regular season rules go into effect for discussion. Nothing about the new season goes into our general #destiny_chat. Once the season launches there will be datamines of files, anything that comes from leaks and datamines goes in the #leaks_datamines_spoilers channel like usual.  

-things involving Arc 3.0, weapon changes, etc. are fair game for our other chat channels, just try to avoid anything linked to new story content or achieving newly introduced exotics if possible. 

-Downtime will begin at 1245 ET/945 PT. Make sure that before then you've done all your pre-seasonal prep, removed seasonal mods to be safe, moved weapons to your main character to avoid API issues, claimed your seasonal items and whatever else you need to do (like having the Guardian drip ready for any cutscenes). 

-To start the new season, Mayhem is the Crucible rotator and Glassway is the first Nightfall strike. Last Wish and Shattered Throne are the Pinnacle rotators

-Friday is the World's First race for the returning [REDACTED] raid. As has been tradition, I will cook up an infographic for the competing teams. What I need by Thursday night is your teammates, an optional team name, and a Twitch link if someone is streaming. We will post this Friday morning so you can follow along with your clanmantes. There is still a Google Form and Spreadsheet pinned in #lfg_raids if you are looking to make a team or fill one out. Good luck to everyone going for it. A reminder that with a reprised raid, you will be required to complete the raid on contest mode, as well as the Tempo's Edge challenges in order to claim a 24-hour victory!

-We are all very excited to see what the future of Destiny looks like. Thank you all for being along for the ride here in Clan Truth. We end the season just shy of 1,200 Discord members, hundreds of daily active users in the Discord, and with 6 fully active clan rosters. A huge shoutout to the 8-ball for taking the reins while I was away - you served us well. And Oblivion too, for showing his TWAT to you for a few weeks and putting poignant, highly accurate quotes in each one. Cheers to Season 18, Lightfall on the horizon, and much more to come!