-This Week At Truth, it's time to GRIND.....THE RAILS! The most unexpected news last week is that we are getting HOVERBOARDS......okay they're called skimmers, but its a hoverboard, alright? Make Marty McFly proud with this sweet new vehicle to earn. Everyone gets one and you complete the Drop In quest to be able to keep it after the event ends - and Eververse will have another one available as well. So what else besides flashing through the sky on a sweet new ride is happening?

-Guardian Games is back! You can read the most recent TWID here for all the specifics about how to compete, the new memento and weapon, Guardian Games Cup and all that goes with the event, which runs until March 26th. Don't forget we have pingable class roles in Discord to help you find some same-class buds to try and win the event for your favorite class. 

-Hypernet Current is the GM and Nightfall with the Pre Astyanax IV bow as the reward. Supremacy and Clash are the crucible modes, and we've got Bonus Ranks all week in Crucible. Your three musketeers are Last Wish raid, Prophecy dungeon (with new/refreshed loot!) and Vox Obscura exotic mission

-I did mention new loot. With this mid-season update we've got a bunch of new and refreshed weapons to get and some ability changes as well. You can check out our favorite reddit mod RiseOfBacon's post here on the weapon info

-Starting today you will receive 800 Bright Dust each week just for logging in from now until The Final Shape. A really solid amount for very minimal effort. 

-This midseason patch has been a big anticipation point, bringing new and refreshed weapons, ability sandbox updates, weapon sandbox changes, and PvP and Trials changes. I hope this breathes a little life into the community during this long season, and I will definitely be jumping in for the first time in a while for it. Destiny 2: Into The Light comes in April, the next big thing on the horizon, so lets ride off into some new content together. Cheers!