This Week At Hey Look A Bow!

-This Week At Truth, there's a Bow you can get from the GMs! And other things too. This will probably be a short TWAT since we didn't hear much news on the Bungie front this week with a pretty lackluster statement given for TWID last Thursday. I think overall we've done a decent job reacting to the news as it has come out, and the discourse has stayed mostly within what we consider acceptable. Just a friendly reminder to keep it civil, some of us are still feeling some feelings about what's going on.

-Daylight Savings Time ended this past weekend in the US. That means reset is now Noon ET/9AM PT. maintenance today starts bright and early and player removal set for 915AM ET/615AM PT. 

-The Pre Astyanax IV bow is the Nightfall reward this week with Heist Battleground Mars as the Nightfall and GM. Supremacy and Team Scorched are the Crucible rotators. Trio rotators are Vow of the Disciple raid, Grasp of Avarice dungeon, and Seraph Shield exotic mission. Trials has bonus ranks this weekend

-shoutout to our very own ZeroX13 who had a successful charity stream for Extra Life and raised $2,000 during his block, and has raised a lifetime total of over $10,000 for Extra Life. Charity is always near and dear to us and show him some love for putting some good into the world!

-you have until Friday to get something to onehandedbanditt for the #holiday_art_picture if you want to be in this year's version

-we'll be waiting to see what TWID delivers Thursday, until then, enjoy your week Guardians. Cheers.