This Week at Harder Face Kicks From Rhulk

-hard to believe (no, not really) but there's only 5 weeks left in Season of the Risen! All this time pubstomping Hive Guardians and Savathun's minions and we're closing in on May 22nd and the start of the next season. Meanwhile, it is time for some even more challenging PvE content which we'll dive into, and this week should provide some nice updates for what to expect for sandbox changes when Thursday hits. Be aware of some downtime and a hotfix before reset today as well! 

-tackling the weekly stuff, we have a Glassway Nightfall with bonus Nightfall loot and this week being Silicon Neuroma, brave the void death shots and vex chickens to earn some sweet rewards. On the PvP side, we have Showdown in the Crucible rotator

-Vow of the Disciple challenge is back to the beginning again with the Master version being available this week. Master is a 1580 challenge (and for those dedicated enough, nothing above +30 artifact will help) that usually adds a little more difficulty for some nice reward. Adept weapons have a chance to drop from each encounter and completing the Master raid (and subsequently each weekly challenge on Master) is needed to obtain the Vow of the Disciple seal

-we learned that starting next season we will have both Seasonal AND Weekly rotators for Raids and Dungeons, which means more reasons and opportunities to explore that content for its loot and challenges. The newest raid and dungeon will always be the featured seasonal rotator, with older ones mixing in as the weekly rotator. The final encounter of each weekly rotator will award a pinnacle drop and the loot lockout from all of these encounters is being dropped - farm it out to your heart's content.

-A close victory was had for TeamMechs in the voting category and we will see those ornaments this fall during Festival of the Lost. Stay tuned to the Thursday TWAB for a nice meaty section on upcoming sandbox changes (per dmg the sandbox section alone is over 7,000 words!) 

-last note/shameless plug - May is right around the corner. As some of you know, I do very little streaming but when I do it is usually for charity. May is St. Jude's Play Live event, one I've participated in for the last few years. Next TWAT I'll have information on donating and incentives, which I think all gamers (and especially Forbidden Truth members) will be interested in. Last year we raised $1,400 for St. Jude, I'm looking to pass that mark this year and will hopefully make it worthwhile to you all to consider donating. Tune in next Tuesday for a donation link and incentives! Cheers.