This Week At Great Tower Bake Off

-This Week At Truth, it's cookie time! We hope you enjoyed your time in Iron Banner and maybe already got that sweet banana emblem this season. But as we move into December, it is time for snowballs and holiday gifts. Yes, The Dawning event is back this week with plenty of treats to create and loot to chase. We've also got weekly rotations and things getting updated. 

-The Dawning is the annual winter event. Speak to Eva Levante in the Tower after reset to get your oven. Get "ingredients" from playing the game, killing enemies and using different weapons/abilities. Bake your treats and gift them to NPCs to get rewards. For those who have never really dug into The Dawning before, it might be the best Bright Dust farm in the game with Eva's bounties for Bright Dust only requiring baking cookies to complete. 

-The Dawning features a new snowball mechanic (we do love throwing snowballs) and some new loot: the Albedo Wing arc glaive, and a new Dawning memento. 

-weekly seasonal story continues be sure to keep discussion in #season-of-dragon tales. There is downtime today before reset as well

-Nightfall this week is Hypernet Current. Crucible rotators are Checkmate Control, Zone Control, and Elimination. NOTE Bungie tweeted last night that based on player feedback when Checkmate Control is up there will also be regular Control as a selectable option, similar to the UI for Nightfall difficulty. Trio rotators are Deep Stone Crypt raid, Pit of Heresy dungeon, and Vox Obscura exotic mission. Bonus Gambit ranks for Lebron. 

-That's all we have until next week, when we'll be able to dive into more Dawning stuff and a new exotic mission on the 19th. Until then, stay frosty Guardians - cheers!