This Week At Grandmas Are Back!

-This week at Truth, the calendar has turned to October, and spooky season is arriving. The Grandmaster Gauntlet begins. We've got to pick a new name and announce a mousepad winner. Heads up for downtime today and a hotfix at reset! 

-First off, congrats to Corvian on winning our #GoForGold contest, his gold-inspired drip received the most votes from the community and we will be sending a Truth-inspired mousepad to him in the near future! 

-Our next contest up is to pick the name of our next clan roster. If you are reading this, then you probably already saw the top 3 choices in Discord:

1. The Hallowed Truth

2. The Quiet Truth

3. The Grievous Truth

-Another year and Truthy McTruthface falls short. Discord is where the voting will occur, and you may  only choose one of the 3 options. If you select more than one, all your votes will be discarded. The new roster should be up and running by next reset, at which point in the TWAT you'll see a call for players willing to migrate and help build up our new roster. We aren't able to grow the way we do without willing individuals to populate our new roster and give it an attractive and solid base of players, so thank you in advance to those of you who help us out this way. 

-This week, Grandmaster Nightfalls, aka Grandmas, open up! These higher-difficulty nightfalls have tougher enemies, more champions, and the chance at better rewards. Completing a Grandmaster Nightfall awards you with Adept weapons, Ascendant Shards and Enhancement Prisms, and the ability to earn and gild the Conqueror seal. If you've never completed one before, this season you need to be at least1595 Power Level to enter, and you are capped at that number for the encounter, enemies will be 1620 Power Level. There is a Conqueror seal you can earn by completing the different Nightfalls and associated triumphs. Players who have already earned the seal can begin gilding it today and will have access to all GM Nightfalls at reset. We have a pingable Grandmaster role for those looking to specifically group up for this. 

-The Nightfall (and Grandmaster NF) this week is Glassway. The weapon will be the D.F.A. hand cannon. There are also bonus Nightfall rewards this week - making it a great time to stock up on golf balls and prisms. Showdown is the Crucible rotator, and Zone Control will be available in Crucible Labs this week. Your weekly rotator bosses for Pinnacles are in the Garden of Salvation raid and the Prophecy dungeon. The Gaze Amaze challenge is up this week in King's Fall - requires Golgoroth's Gaze to be taken while the Gaze Holder is standing in a Pool of Light. 

-We added a new bot to the Discord - Destiny Overview bot. This works via slash commands (like Charlemagne) and has different infographics that will post based on the command, like weekly reset, grandmaster info, Xur, trials, TWAB summaries and more. We are testing it out, and the functions work in discussion channels like #destiny-chat and #endgame_meta, as well as the #charlemagne_commands channel. If you encounter any bugs using the bot forward it on to an admin please 

-Clan store news! For the month of October you can enjoy FREE SHIPPING on most items - even those of you international gamers outside the US! Be sure to double check your items in your cart but if you've been holding off on ordering items due to high shipping costs now is the time to take advantage of it. 

-over the next few weeks, we have some other things coming down the pipeline as well in the Discord and here on the website. The season rolls, lots to do in Destiny this week (and you may even see some of us dipping a toe into Overwatch 2), and a few of us will be checking out New York Comic Con this weekend. Enjoy your first week of spooky season!