This Week At Grandmas

-This Week At Truth, its all about grandmas. Ah yes, lovable pie-baking, $10 in your birthday card grandmas. Or, more specifically, Grandmaster Nightfall grandmas, the kind that make you feel oh-so-accomplished upon completion, or give you utter dread and disdain as you are booting up the game. We've got all the GM info as well as some early news about Bungie Day's fundraising, plus some information to help you support our friend and admin Shua Verde as he raises money for the Bungie Foundation!

-let's hit the weekly stuff first. Now if you've completed all Sever missions, there's a bit more to do. Assuming it will be this week, there is one final tab for the seasonal "Severance Quest" in our Triumphs that says to complete the mission Bound in Sorrow. We never want to assume, but this should be open at reset, if it isn't then we may  just have to wait and see when it pops up this season. Keep your eyes peeled and those conversations in #season_of_blue-oyster-cult_spoilers

-Scorched is the Crucible rotator for the cannon lovers and cannon fodder, your rotating Pinnacles are the final encounters of the Deep Stone Crypt raid and Prophecy dungeon (also keep in mind Eyes of Tomorrow from DSC is farmable this week!) 

-You will get bonus Nightfall ranks all week to celebrate Grandmaster Nightfalls opening! The Nightfall is Proving Grounds and the weapon reward is Silicon Neuroma. If you've never done a GM before, you will need to get your Power Level + artifact up to 1585 for this season (15 levels above Pinnacle cap) to launch this playlist. GMs award adept weapons as well as Enhancement cores and shards, You can complete the Conqueror Seal by completing specific triumphs related to GM Nightfalls. For those who have gotten the seal previously, as was the case last season, you should be able to access all 6 GMs starting today in order to gild the seal as soon as you choose to attempt it. And yes, we do have a specific ping in the LFG channels for Grandmasters

-Did you miss Zezo Day on July 3rd? Don't know the legend of Zezo? Its a bit of a cult phenomenon from a few years ago, so the link here can tell you all about it. 

-Later this week is Bungie Day! 7/7 is a holiday in this realm, and we will have to see what is in store for it this year. Will we get more info on the future of Destiny? New items from the Bungie store? What we do know is Bungie Day is back to doing the Bungie Day Giving Festival, a charity drive aimed at raising $1Million for their IPads for Kids initiative. Our very own Shua Verde has been chosen as a featured streamer for the event and has some spicy incentives and milestones to share with those willing to donate. Click here for the link to donate! You can start donating today, or wait until one of his streams (or the big featured stream Saturday) to bring some fun/pain to him. Donations tiers for the event will get you the following rewards from Bungie:

$10 Circadian Guard emblem

$25 Bouyant Shell

Buoyant Shell - Destiny 2 Exotic Ghost Shell -

$50: Seven of Seven emblem

$100: All retired Bungie Foundation Hearts emblems seen below


-Below you can see what Shua has in store for his own donations and charity streams. Because he got this great opportunity to be a featured streamer for the event (Saturday 7/9 at 3PM ET/12PM PT on his Twitch channel!) we are really hoping to throw some support behind him in hitting these milestones! Let's show this community what Clan Truth can do! -Cheers! Witty