This Week At Grandma Witness

-This Week At Truth, Bungie is giving us yet another way to smack the Witness back where it came from: Grandmaster Excision! Normally, we don't talk Grandma content for a month into a new season, but Bungie is giving us something special on top of all the other things going on

-Grandmaster Excision, a 12-player, non-matchmade version of the activity will be live today. You will need a full fireteam so feel free to use that Grandmaster ping if you're looking to squad up, and we are very curious to see what rewards Bungie has in store for this level of the activity. 

-Echoes and Breach Executable launched last week, all questline information and stuff goes in our seasonal.....errrr, episodal channel #finnish-the-fight

-Hope everyone has been having fun diving into Dual Destiny for some class items! I still haven't gotten one good roll..........

-Nightfall is The Disgraced, Crucible rotators are Momentum Control and Survival. Deep Stone Crypt raid, Pit of Heresy dungeon, and Starcrossed exotic mission are your trio rotators. Bonus banned game mode ranks.

-Reminders that we have lots of pingable roles for various activities, a lot of which don't get much use depending on when you may have joined Discord, but with a new DLC, fresh new activities, and a lot of unique things, some of those roles may be applicable to you, like our Story/Seasonal, Exotic Mission, Nightfall, etc. Check out the #role-assign channel to see what you may want to add for yourself!  

-Stay cool and hydrated this week, I know a lot of us US and EU folks are set to experience some rough heat. Find a cool spot to do some gaming and enjoy - cheers!