This Week At Grandma Returns

-This Week At Truth, our seasonal story keeps getting hive-spicy, and Grandmas are home and back in our content rotation! Light week of updates, will get to the main points and then let you on your way!

-No scheduled downtime as I see it. As always, keep seasonal story spoilers in #season-of-hive-queen-eris 

-Grandmaster Nightfalls return this week with Heist Battleground: Europa. I do not believe the gilding node will be active until a few more weeks from now, but you can dive in for some Adept loot this week if you choose to (rotation still not fully worked out). We do have a specific @Grandmaster ping for those nightfalls, and a regular @Nightfalls ping if you are looking for any other level to complete. 

-Crucible rotators this week are Supremacy and Momentum Control, and Trials will return this weekend after it's hiatus. Vault of Glass is the raid rotator, Shattered Throne is the dungeon rotator, and Presage is back as the exotic mission rotator. 

-We added some maps and the loot table to the #crotas-end resource channel  for Resources and Infographics. If you haven't had a chance to dive in there's plenty of scheduled raids or feel free to make your own in #lfg-event-schedule

-That's it for this week. TWATs will likely be short and sweet unless there is some more specific things to cover here, either for the game or our discord. I'm back  to teaching so writing these around my class schedule is a juggling act, but I'll make sure you always have your weekly TWAT goodness. Cheers!