This Week At Give Me More Glimmer!

-This Week At Truth, we're in a holding pattern until next week, when we will be able to hold more glimmer! (Who let Jack S Raymond in here?) We got our first TWID since 2023 and it included a handful of useful pieces of information, including some updates coming next week. 

-Next week starting on Jan 30th we get our weekly "Wishes" quests, one each week for the next 6 weeks, which will have a prize pool to select from. Moments of Triumph also kicks off next Tuesday. More info on both coming this week in TWID. Glimmer cap is going up to 500k as well next week. 

-Voting for this year's Festival of the Lost armor is live - Good Wizards vs Evil Wizards, but in the end we all win with these sets. You can cast your vote here if you're one of the people that doesn't get Bungie emails. 

-Iron Banner? Again? Well.......Iron Banner again! Saladin is back this week for some banana-ing. GM and Nightfall is Hypernet Current and Pre Astyanax IV bow is the weapon of the week. Besides IB there's also Zone Control + Elimination crucible rotators and Bonus Crucible ranks in all modes. Trio rotators are Garden of Salvation raid, Spire of the Watcher dungeon and Vox Obscura exotic mission.

-Thanks to all who have contributed to mine or any other Game2Give campaign. Over $1 Million fundraised so far and I'm incredibly thankful to the people who have donated to my campaign and helped me raise $499 as of writing this. At $500 I'll cut a wrestling promo video and share here and on socials. Lots of incentives and milestones beyond that as well, and a great chance to get some old emblems plus a new emblem and ship! I'll be raffling off a bunch of stuff for people who donate to my campaign, including emblem codes, a Bloodstream emblem, Universal Constant emblem, some other goodies and the top donor of the campaign gets a Destiny mystery package! Gotta donate to be eligible so lets keep making some miracles happen!

-I may be spending more time in Palworld currently, but I find its always healthy to balance out games as opposed to forcing yourself to grind one. We will still be out and about in Destiny this week helping out - see you starside, Guardians. Cheers!