-fellow Guardians, Season of the Risen is almost at a close. Together, we've slain Savathun and her Hive Guardians, crushed the Witness' Disciple, and returned to Mars to defeat Qabix the Insurgent. We defeated enemies in the Wellspring and began crafting some our own weapons, including the newly introduced Glaives. Hive Ghosts were crushed, enemies were glaived, we emoted on them as we ended them, and collected some sweet loot along the way

-The Season of the Risen storyline ended very early, so we never know what end of season thing that may tease the next installment of Destiny 2 story could pop up. Keep your eyes peeled. I personally feel very in the dark about where we could be going - more Calus vs Caiatl plotlines, Rasputin returns, what about Mithrax? And Savathun? Daddy Immaru is still hanging around somewhere too. I'm keeping this line here in case Bungie drops a teaser after I publish this so I can replace it.

-This is the last week for Guardian Games as well, and to finish off any seasonal challenges. Luckily, Bungie is giving us bonus ranks in all three ritual playlists, a fantastic opportunity to get those rank resets and ornaments if you're still chasing them. Scarlet Keep is the Nightfall, its a Plug/Pali week (actually is this time, and last chance ever to get Pali from nightfalls) and Team Scorched is the PvP rotator. This is your last chance to gild any seals as well (Deadeye, Conqueror, Unbroken, Flawless, Dredgen). 

-Thank you for helping me cross the $1,000 mark for my PLAY LIVE campaign. Raiding last night while wearing a Mandalorian helmet and dinosaur hands was not as fun as I expected, but a good time was had by all (and still didn't hold the team back with a  solid 1hr run) While my goal for the month was $1500 total, I'm cooking up some stretch goals in case we surpass that with time left. Remember - all it takes to enter to win a Nintendo Switch is a $20+ donation to my campaign! 

-So the questions remain - will it be solar 3.0 or arc 3.0 this season? What's the deal with Crow? Is our new dungeon something we've seen before or brand new content? The hype has been built up by Bungie's team members for Season 17 on social media, so we'll all just sit here and react to content as we get it this week. Looking forward to the 24th and the start of the new season - Cheers!