This Week At Getting Others to Ban Pentad

-this week at Truth, members of the admin team are taking those hard-earned clan dues and spending it on a trip to Florida (just kidding.....or am I?)

-GCX is back this year in-person, the first time since 2019. If you don't know what GCX is, the convention started out as GuardianCon, an annual gathering of Destiny lovers in Florida every summer. The convention, and everything around it, has grown, with the focal piece being the fundraising partnership with St Jude Childrens Research Hospital. All this week until Friday June 10th, you can watch streamers on the GCX Event Twitch channel raising lots of money for charity. 

We already got our favorite below-average streamer and his wife to Ban Pentad this week, adding to the list of favorites who have done so over the years. In the past Bungie would typically do their own block as well (which was usually good for a Ban Pentad drop), but they are not doing their own block. You can, however, earn the sweet emblems available this week by donating to any charity block. A $20 donation gets you the Spectal Sea Emblem 

a $60 donation gets you the Euclidian Theorem emblem shown here 

We hope that if you are able to contribute to the campaign, check out who is broadcasting when by clicking the link to the schedule of events above, and helping out for a good cause. Witty and StCephalopod will be braving the heat and humidity in Orlando this weekend. If you will also be there and want to meet up with us - drop one of us a line so we can meet our clan friends. (and Ceph has 8 arms which are useful for giving out hugs). 

-On to Destiny things. This past week we dunked some sparks in the return of Rift for Iron Banner. Overcoming bugs and glitches, Rift was a mixed bag for many, with some positives to the game mode's return and some things to work out. A reminder that as slated, Iron Banner will only return 1 more time this season. If your goal is to get that Iron Lord title finished during Season of the Haunted, you'll have one more shot only at it. 

-This week, Trials returns for the first time this season. You'll also get Scorched in the weekly PvP rotator. The Nightfall this week is the Warden of Nothing. For rotating pinnacles you can complete the Prophecy dungeon final encounter and the Deep Stone Crypt raid final encounter.

-With this reset we are lifting the spoiler ban on the Duality dungeon. You can discuss encounters and such freely, but if you'd like to speculate on how it relates to seasonal things or the future of this season's story, best to still keep that in the seasonal spoiler channel

-On Friday, Shua penned a note in Discord about harassment online. While nobody associated with us took part in any harassment of Bungie employees last week, we felt it important enough to reiterate that we will not tolerate that type of abuse. Stay kind and compassionate, Guardians

- Not only did we cross another Discord milestone - 1,150 members! - but this weekend marked 5 years of Clan Truth Discord!!!!!! That's correct, we've been around for 5 years here in this space, and we look forward to keeping it going for many more years. 

-Cheers to another week of Destiny story - I'll be sure to share some fun pics and shenanigans from the convention.