This Week At Get Yer Superblack Shaders

-This Week At Truth, we got some mementos dropping, and since it has been far too long since many of us have had something to make weapons a super-D-duper dark black, you may have been like me chasing down as many mementos as possible (not bragging but also bragging, I got 7 yesterday)! All because.....Festival of the Lost is in full spooky swing! Whether you're after loot, mementos, the event title/gilding, or just love wearing silly masks, we have 2 more weeks of spooky content to enjoy. While we sit in maintenance downtime, let's see what we need to cover.

-Heist Battleground: Europa is the Nightfall and GM, with Warden's Law being the weapon to earn. Crucible rotators are Team Scorched and Clash. The trio of rotators are the Deep Stone Crypt raid, Shattered Throne dungeon, and Presage exotic mission. And of course, it is week 2 of 3 for Festival of the Lost. 

-a quick reminder about some of our baseline etiquette stuff for in-game and Discord:

  • Don't just join someone's fireteam if its open, send a message/DM first.
  • Please don't join a group's VC without asking, they may be raiding/teaching/communicating, again a quick ask goes a long way.
  • Our pingable roles are for LFG and LFM, they are NOT for checkpoint asks. We added a #checkpoint-sharing forum for this, but we are not equipped to handle requests for checkpoints of various activities. Join Luckstruck9's server for that or hit up d2checkpoint  for those. 

-SATURDAY NIGHT is CLAN PVP FRIGHT NIGHT. Join Professor and all your Clan Truth pals for some spooky PvP fun and shenanigans. The fun starts early (430PM ET) and will last all night since Jack S Raymond needs to stay up late for work reasons. These are always a blast so if you're a frequent joiner or first timer, be sure to stop by Saturday.

-that's the update this week. May your lost sectors be haunted and your engrams decrypt mementos. Cheers!