This Week At Freedom, Fireworks, and Fishing!

-This Week At Truth, let freedom DING.....errr Ring. Might have played some Gambit last week. Happy Independence Day from all of us at Clan Truth, and thank you Will Smith for stopping that alien invasion all those years ago. We also have Bungie Day this week on Friday, a ton of Bungie Day-related things to discuss in game and for donations to an always worth charity, and much more going on! 

-Last week's TWID (still gross) gave us a look into some of the server and stability issues, and while it didn't prevent some server downtime Sunday, you can check out the link ICYMI to see what Bungie had to say about servers. I know it sucks, but at the same time, venting about it in our #destuna_chat goes against our policies about using channels to vent into the ether. 

-This week, we've got bonus EVERYTHING! That's right, Vanguard rep and rewards, Crucible rep, and Gambit rep all have a bonus this week. We are also getting a Lucky Week for fishing, meaning double the chances for exotic fish on all destinations this week. Should that third exotic fish lead to some sort of quest, be sure to discuss all things relevant in the seasonal channel #season-of-chace-crawford

-Elsewhere in game we have Devil's Lair as the Nightfall and GM (with a side of Buzzard sidearm), and the Conqueror gilding node will open this week as well! Time to earn some sweet loot and work on gilding that seal. Clash and Momentum Control will be the Crucible rotators. Pinnacle rotators are Last Wish and Duality. 

-Bungie is also having an art competition to design an emblem! All rules can be found in the TWID (still...gross) and submissions are open until July 13th! 

-The Bungie Day Giving Festival is also upon us! This week is the return of annual summer fundraiser that supports Bungie's Little Lights program, donations can earn you some sweet cosmetics and do some good in the world. Check out all the incentives at the link above that you can earn donating between July 6th and July 23rd. Be sure to tune in on Saturday July 8th for our very own Shua Verde's featured stream for the Bungie Day Giving Festival from 3-5PM ET. Shua will be sure to bring some laughs and fun for a good cause, we'll repost on Saturday as well so Clan Truth can bring the support!  Donations can be made here throughout the event, but you'll definitely want to save them up for Saturday's shenanigans if you are around! 

-That's a lot of info to dive into like a hot dog eating contest, but rest assured you've got all week to reap the rewards. Cheers!