This Week At DMCA Takedown Central

-This week we are dodging DMCA takedowns like Hunters in the Crucible. If you don't get the reference, check out last week's TWAB from Bungie for the full story on takedowns and clarification to how the rules work for the Original Soundtracks and content creation. 

-This week we've got the final Nightfall strike of the season entering the rotation, Birthplace of the Vile, and Momentum Control in the Crucible. The nightfall weapon rotation is fucked at the moment, once it gets sorted we'll be able to predict it a bit better.

-This weekend, Trials Labs - Zone Capture will be live for the weekend alongside Bonus Trials ranks. I know the idea of Trials makes some of you think I said the word Gambit, but Saint-14 will gift you a Reed's Regret after resetting once and getting to Rank 16. Seems like a lot of work I know, but if he comes back with a spicy PvE roll like this week, it'll be worth it 

-The Swift Destruction challenge in Vow of the Disciple was not a very tall order, so we shall see what this week brings for the Base Information challenge at Caretaker. Based on the name, it seems to be hinting at something dealing with collecting knowledge and offerings to the obelisk. 

-Last week to grind before Grandmasters open up on April 5. Remember you need to be at 1575 with artifact to enter a Grandmaster nightfall. We have a pingable Grandmaster role specific to that, separate from Nightfalls, in the discord for your LFGs. 

-The Ascendant Truth roster hit a NICE milestone of 69 members today. Maybe we aren't far away from adding a Bungie number of rosters thanks to discoverability? 

-Tis a short one this week as we continue into the season. Enjoy your weeks and Cheers!