This Week At Die Hard Is A Christmas Movie

-This Week At Truth, tis the season......FOR CONTENT! Whether you're celebrating any holiday or just some much needed days off, we want to wish you the best. From all of us at Clan Truth, Thank You (You're Welcome) for being with us this year. This week, unwrap a brand new exotic while you keep baking cookie to please Space Grandma and fatten up your favorite NPCs 

-Call it a Christmas miracle but there's no downtime scheduled for reset. Today at reset, the Revision Zero exotic becomes available as part of the story beats. Since this is tied to the seasonal story, make sure to keep your conversation about this week's story and the process to obtain the exotic in our seasonal #season_of_ra_ra_rasputin channel. 

-Elsewhere, Team Scorched is the Crucible rotator, and enjoy bonus Crucible ranks all week. Birthplace of the Vile is the Nightfall strike this week. Your rotating Pinnacles are from Deep Stone Crypt and Prophecy final bosses. With Deep Stone being the rotator and having a revamped inventory of craftable weapons, this is one of two opportunities you have this season to farm it out. Each encounter can be done repeatedly for chances at red weapon drops, but the Pinnacle drop from Taniks is still only once per character per week. Check our #deep-stone-crypt channel for a loot table and any encounter maps you may need

-This weekend, there will be two Truthmas events in Discord: a Truthmas Eve and Truthmas Day event. There is no host per se for these events, but if you are looking for some fellow clanmates and friends to chat with and spend some time with this weekend, we've got you covered. 

-LAST CALL FOR GAME2GIVE! This is the last week to donate to Game2Give campaigns and the last chance to earn any in-game rewards, including a new emblem, ghost shells and the first donation-exclusive exotic sparrow. If you have been putting it off, make sure you donate by Thursday this week! Shua and Witty have to-date raised a combined $1500 so far, but there's still time to put some good into the world with a donation benefitting the Little Lights program of the Bungie Foundation! We both still have many milestones available and donation incentives, including giveaways that can be won just by donating! Donation links have been reposted in Discord. On behalf of both Shua and Witty, thank you to everyone who has donated and brought some laughs and pain to our fundraising campaigns. Your donations have are all going to make some kid's stay in a hospital just a little more tolerable this holiday season. 

Shua's Donation LINK HERE

Witty's Donation LINK HERE 

-Next week, we will have one final TWAT for the 2022 year. That should be a big one, as we recap all the highlights and milestones we made this year as a clan. Have a great week and take care of yourself, friends.