This Week At Crota

-This Week At Truth, we're mostly talking about Crota, because he's back, and we're already kicking his glowing green ass. That's right, Crotations and Oversouls galore in Destiny 2. We'll discuss how the opening weekend went and preview what to look forward to this week.

-Contest mode has come and gone, and The Old Guard team of AeonSigma, Billy Bo Baggins, Oblivion, Pentad Vortex, Professor, and SRL was the first clan team to conquer contest mode and the challenge, placing #1449 overall on the challenge board. Congrats gents on a hard fought victory against the contest modifiers, bugs, and challenge mode. If you're still looking for some Crota killing this week be sure to utilize our @Raids role and #lfg_raids for all your needs

-In the PvP realm, Iron Banner is up for the first of three times this season. New weapons to earn include The Guiding Sight strand Scout Rifle and the return of the Point of the Stag arc Bow. Fortress is the game mode this week. 

-The Nightfall this week is The Scarlet Keep (weapon rotation still not fully known). Aside from Iron Banner all week there is also Clash and Team Scorched in the Crucible rotator. Deep Stone Crypt is the raid rotator, Pit of Heresy is the dungeon rotator, and we get Operation: Seraph Shield for the first time as the Exotic Mission rotator. 

-New seasonal story this week should go in the usual place #season-of-hive-queen-eris. As always, keep story beats to that channel to prevent spoilers, but mechanics and such about seasonal activities are fair game. 

-It's a good week to banner and continue slaying Crota to earn some new loot! Cheers Guardians, and welcome to September. Oh yeah, and football is back!