This Week At Crossfire!

-This Week At Truth, Iron Banner is back! Again? Already? Alrighty then. Time to make Lord Saladin proud, spend all your mats trying to get a Destablizing Rounds Hero's Burden (no? just me?), and dive back into Iron Banner for the week. For this second seasonal iteration of Iron Banner, the game mode is Eruption. 

-Mayhem is the Crucible rotator. The revamped (that's one word for it) Lake of Shadows strike is the Nightfall. This is the final week before GM Nightfalls are live, and we will post a graphic next week with all the updated surges/threats/shields/champs and rewards for GMs once somebody in the community makes one we can use. Bonus Gambit ranks (neat.....). Prophecy is the rotator Dungeon and King's Fall is the raid rotator. 

-The second rotating challenge for Root of Nightmares is available this week. We'll discover the secret together, but as the name might imply, I'd bet money on Crossfire requiring getting buff from one side and using it to kill the shielded adds on the other side each time. We shall see, won't we.

-Last week, Bungie surprised us and dropped the Legend Battlegrounds playlist, and frankly I can't make heads or tails out of the various Legend difficulties we have, but right now this one isn't too bad and definitely worth completing for the extra loot if you are chasing seasonal weapons. 

-We are tweaking some things in Discord you may notice over the next few weeks. We made some small updates to our #rules_important_info channel. Last week Discord unveiled a new "Onboarding" system meant to streamline the process for getting new members into servers. We tried it out for a few hours but took it offline while we work out the system and make it fit our setup. The idea is that new (and current) members will be able to select roles via Q+A prompts, allow members to select/deselect the channels that they want, and hopefully streamline the new member retention.

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-" want to join a Clan Truth roster". This process has always been a bit of a pain point, because the Destiny 2 app is very bad at push notifications, and it isn't something we admins frequently look for, especially since most rosters are near capacity. We are looking at some options to streamline this a bit more for everyone in the future, but here are some general tips for joining clan rosters:

  • Admins will NOT send you a clan invite. The links are all in #rules_important_info, you can request a roster from there
  • Make sure your Discord nickname in our server matches your Bungie ID/platform gamertag, or you have linked your Bungie account/platform to Discord. If we get a clan request but can't find you in Discord, it will get denied
  • If you have done the previous two things, and still haven't been accepted, ping one of the admins for that roster in #destiny_chat. You can also DM us, but Discord is weird with DMs, and often times it will not pop up and instead say pending DM. Your best bet is to ping those individual admins for the roster you requested. 
  • If you requested a clan roster, you can add that clan roster role in Discord from #role_assign. If I see a new member with a purple name because they sent a request to Exiled Truth, and added the role themselves in Discord, it will definitely get me to look for your request on the app once I see it. 

-Welcome to April, Guardians. GMs are right around the corner, and before you know it we'll be staring down a mid-season balance patch, the conclusion of Season of Defiance, and what's to come in Season of the Deep. Cheers!