This Week At Crests

-This Week At Truth, we have a short update planned. we've been collecting medals, dropping high scores in HyperNet Current, and picking up crests in Supremacy. If you've been playing through Guardian Games for whatever reason, the game modes have added a nice change-of-pace to the gameplay loop. With only two weeks left in the season, we look forward to the end of Guardian Games and the upcoming Season of the Deep

-You have two more weeks to earn your Taraxippos scout rifles and more Title SMGs, complete the Guardian Games event card, and earn/gild the Champ title.

-Last week Bungie dropped a couple big reads with some information to look forward to: an article looking at the ability tuning changes coming in Season of the Deep, and in TWAB some notes covering the other changes coming next season.  Feel free to check those out ICYMI

-This week, Zone Control is the rotating Crucible mode. Bonus Nightfall Rewards and Glassway Nightfall this week. It is also the first time to earn an Adept Buzzard sidearm from Grandmaster Nightfalls. The rotating Pinnacles are in Vow of the Disciple and Prophecy. 

-Beware some downtime and patch at reset today. Cheers!