This Week At Contests (Not The Raid Ones)

-This week at Truth, we have a few contests going on be sure to check out the Discord channels for those things. Weekly updates and some more inbound. This will be a lighter-than-usual TWAT probably

-We were a little behind this week with the #GoForGold contest, so we're extending voting until Friday at reset (I blame Duchess since she was out of the US at a famous Destiny-person's wedding this past weekend, even though it probably isn't her fault.....probably). Check out the #dresstiny_contest channel between now and reset Friday to vote for the best looks! Use the :first_place: emoji to cast your votes - most votes wins a Truth mousepad or gaming pad of their choice!

-we are getting ready to expand! The Bungie Number TM of rosters is upon us! As was the case the last few times, YOU get to pick the name. In the #name_contest channel, you can add a potential name (max 1 entry per person, repeats will be deleted). Side chatter will be deleted as well. Use the :thankyou: emoji and the top 3 reaction-getters will be added to next week's announcement for final voting where the winner will be decided. It will be a saintly roster of sorts, with Saint Kabr and St Cephalopod heading up the new roster from the clan management side of things. Your friends scattered across rosters? This is a great opportunity to get together - and we always rely on our clanmates to step up and join our newest roster to help build it up. 

-that's a lot of Discord stuff - what about the game? Sepiks Prime is the Nightfall strike and its a bonus Gambit week. Crucible rotator is Mayhem, Last Wish is the Pinnacle rotator raid and Pit of Heresy is the dungeon rotator. It is also the final Pirate hideout up this week - the story has been plenty juicy that's for sure. This week is also the rotating challenge for the Warpriest King's Fall encounter, Devious Thievery - after grabbing a Brand Claimer buff from a Knight, player has 5 seconds to steal the brand. 

-Let's talk about the Guide role. This is a Discord role that is pingable like Raids or Dungeons or even Gambit for you savages. It hasn't quite gotten the traction we would like in the past, but now's a perfect time to take advantage of it. We've seen questions and suggestions about how to help some newer and returning players, and this role is the way to do so. Are you back in the game? Getting your feet wet for the first time? Ping that Guide role when you're looking for somebody to help you conquer some activities, quests, etc. People should feel free to ping that role any time they are in need of someone to show them the ropes wherever it is needed - don't be shy and let it fly! Are you looking for your next challenge and want to be a helping-hand in the community? Add that Guide role and be notified anytime there's help requested. 

-that's all we got me hearties. Pirate life calls - see you out there plunderin'!