This Week At Chuck E Cheese

-Can't believe we only have two weeks left for this season! Last week, we kicked off Guardian Games with some new triumphs to earn, a brand new SMG to grind rolls for, and a strike scoring quest that can net you some pretty nifty rewards. If you haven't jumped into Guardian Games yet I would encourage you to dip your toes into it. The Title SMG can roll with some nice perk combinations, and has its own unique Origin Trait in "Classy Contender" - Final blows with this weapon grant class ability energy (it is also a Hakke weapon so it rolls the Breach Armaments as well). Completing the quests each week to light the Platinum rewards torches gives you some nice rewards as well!

-now, the Strike Scoring playlist in Guardian Games has been a fun thing to dive into, and also has an emblem attached to it, if your best score for all 3 weeks combined puts you in the top 10% of scoring for the event. Unfortunately, the scoring thresholds have been shown to be highly cheesy, which has sapped some of the fun from the chase there. As of writing this, there has been no word from Bungie about making changes to the emblem process or top 10% process. While we never like to condone cheeses, it's just an emblem, and it looks cool, but the 'value' in the emblem has been removed by the process. Do what you will. It is definitely possible to score top 10% legitimately each week without cheddar. 

-Iron Banner returns for the final time this season, and with changes coming to Saladin next season, this is your reminder to turn in your IB tokens (I wish I had done this last season and chased a better Multimach roll) for loot, as Saladin will be repping the updated vendor system like the rest of our vendor NPCs. It is also Mayhem this week and, as always with IB, bonus Crucible ranks.

-Nightfall is Birthplace of the Vile this week and its a Plug/Pali week. This is a final chance to earn Plug One for the season, and final opportunity to earn a Palindrome from Nightfalls and Grandmasters. This week also brings us the final rotating Vow challenge in Master, and the first week that players can earn and rep their new seal for completing all of those Triumphs. Don't worry though - you've got plenty of time next season to chase that if you didn't get around to it this season - Vow will still be the Pinnacle raid for at least one more season.

-Thanks for $460 already towards my St Jude PLAY LIVE Campaign! We gave out some Clan Truth gift cards last night, congrats to Spin and CityGrave on winning some gift cards to purchase some sweet clan merch! Keep inching closer to that Forbidden Truth destruction! Who will get us to that milestone? And does FT have what it takes to save the roster from getting blown up? Only your donations will decide! Donate and track the campaign here - and maybe win yourself a Nintendo Switch OLED along the way! 

-With only two weeks left in the season, enjoy the leadup and nicer weather rolling in, touch some grass maybe, and keep your eyes peeled for some new information about what Season 17 will bring soon. Cheers!