This Week At Bye Bye Blues!

-This Week At Truth, we are sifting through all the announced changes coming between now and Lightfall, including a hot fix today before reset, this week's reset content, and some information about Day 1 raiding. We also got some news via interview about how some changes will work in Lightfall, including a decrease in damage resistance from the resilience stat and numbers around how armor charges and damage buffs will work. 

-TWAB last week dropped a heap of info, some of which went live already, like increased droprates for red border raid and Duality weapons and Gambit gilding not requiring 30 wins anymore. The rest of the mentioned items with changes, like bye bye blues, exotic catalyst progressions, deepsight Wellspring weapons, and the class exotic glaive quests will go live with today's hotfix. Peep last week's TWAB here for all the details I didn't feel like copy-pastaing. 

-If you've kept up-to-date with the seasonal story beats, we are now in our holding pattern. The final two weeks of the season will have one more quest and content to do leading into Lightfall, so these next few weeks are a good time to do whatever might be scratching your itch in game. I know for me I've got seasonal challenges and triumphs to go back and work on from this year, some bounty prep, and a lot of red borders to level up.

-Bonus Crucible ranks this week while it is also Scorched as the rotator (talk about a great time to rank up reds!) The Nightfall and GM is Scarlet Keep, with Horror's Least as the weapon reward. Your Pinnacle rotators are Deep Stone Crypt and Prophecy, making this potentially a great week to farm out DSC if you are looking for red border weapons. 

-We are 5 weeks away from Lightfall, and last week's TWAB announced that the new raid will launch on March 10th at reset. As we have done in the past (and will be posted in Discord as well later) we have a Google Form for you to fill out if you are interested in trying the Day 1 raid. For the unfamiliar, Day 1 raids have a contest modifier that keeps you -20 Power Levels below each activity (more details will be released on if this continues to be the case closer to the raid). But nonetheless, the challenge of figuring out raid mechanics while under-levelled certainly drives a lot of PvE players to give it a shot. Whether you are looking to form a team, join a team looking for members, got most of a team ready that needs to fill in a gap or two, or just want to be a backup that day, FILL OUT THIS FORM. The spreadsheet with responses will be pinned in #announcements. If you no longer need your information up there just send Witty a DM so he can remove your information from the sheet. Will anybody rival The Old Guard's quest for their next Clan first raid title? 

-Got Saturday plans? If the answer is 'No', join Professor and company in Discord for some vault cleaning shenanigans. Good times and laughs are in store. Been hoarding items and need some guidance on what's worth keeping? This could be a good chance to free up some space before Lightfall. Starts Saturday at 5PM ET in Discord. PC players can stream their screen to discord, and if you're on console you can just screenshare your DIM or whatever favorite item management site you use right to the Discord. 

-ICYMI, we launched a few new features in Discord this past week involving forums: #sherpa-help-requests and #checkpoint-sharing. As the names suggest, the sherpa channel is a place for individuals to post the things they need help with, be it raids, dungeons, GMs, etc. that require a sherpa to show them the ropes. Be sure to be detailed in what you're looking for and especially your timeframes - this is meant to be a long-term approach vs. a short-term LFG post in that moment. The checkpoint forum is meant to be a place to share and look for checkpoints, as we do not want the LFG pings used for asking for checkpoints - that is not their intended purpose. Posts using the pings to ask for checkpoints will be met with a warning, and further misuse could lead to harsher repurcussions. 

-Enjoy your last week of January, Guardians. And Happy Lunar New Year! (Did you grab the new emblem yet? Go to Bungie rewards and type in TNN-DKM-6LG). Cheers!