This Week At Bonfire Bash!

-This Week At Truth, we are mid-seasoning our way to some Solstice showdowns! Not only is Solstice of Heroes dropping today, but the promised mid-season update will also go live today. As such, downtime will hit later this morning and expect the game to be brought back online, barring any issues, around reset. Stay tuned to Bungie Help for up-to-date information! 

-Here's your Solstice summary, for the new and returning players, since some updates were mentioned in TWID (still......gross......) last week. Solstice has always been one of the more grindy events so just a head's up, although they did streamline the armor process last year, and the ability to reroll armor stats is a very nice one. Earn your Silver Leaves playing the game, turn them into ash in Bonfire Bash, and earn Kindling from Solstice challenges to upgrade your armor! Two new buffs have been added to Bonfire Bash as we are expecting it to be a little more challenging than in the past: Firebound and Flare (Flare also in Vanguard Ops list). At this time, there are no spoiler restrictions on the event. 

-Elsewhere, The Disgraced is the Nigthfall and GM, with The Swarm Machine Gun as the weapon reward. Rift and Scorched are the Crucible rotators. Your Pinnacle raid is Deep Stone Crypt and dungeon is Pit of Heresy

-Last week to donate to the Bungie Day Giving Fest! 

-Fairly light info dump. Patch notes will tell us everything about the midseason update when it goes live, and Solstice is pretty straightforward, but will be easier to talk more about once it is available. We are 5 more Tuesdays away from Season 22 and the Destiny Showcase. Let's have some summer fun and see you in the EAZ!