This Week At BEES

-This Week At Truth, we're recapping the World's First Race for Root of Nightmares, contest mode clears, and all the new stuff coming up this week. On Friday, Root of Nightmares opened to the world. A movement-based raid in which our Guardians defeat enemies and.....are bees. We're bees. Clan Hard In The Paint captured the World's First belt in an impressive showing of speedrunning and grasp of the mechanics. 

-We have a new team earning the moniker of "Clan First" when it comes to raiding. Team moRONs, the Shattered Throne-based team of Walnut, Slendy, Pools, Allbrotraz, Crimson and ABigOldCupOfJoe claimed the honor for Root of Nightmares on Friday. They clocked in at #1,372 on the World's First leaderboard. Congratulations to them on an impressive run and their very own Clan First! 

-This weekend we had two other milestones related to Discord. We crossed 1,400 members for the first time - Clan Truth's reach continues to grow in the community! We also saw 146 different members of our Discord server beat Root of Nightmares on contest mode during the 48-hour window, a staggeringly impressive number of contest clears for our group. 

-This week the Season of Defiance story progress with a new Battleground. HyperNet Current is the Nightfall. Team Scorched is the Crucible rotator and this weekend we have a scheduling change. Iron Banner was slated to return this week, but instead has been pushed to next reset. The first weekend of Trials of Osiris this season is live on Friday. Enjoy some bonus ranks in Gambit the banned game mode. Pinnacle rotators are Deep Stone Crypt and Duality.

-With today being reset (remember - weekly reset has also moved with Daylight Saving Time to 10AM PDT/1PM EDT) we are lifting the spoiler ban on the Root of Nightmares raid. Free discussion of strats in #endgame_meta, weapons and armor in #loot_perks, etc. is now fair game. We will be creating a resource channel for this raid once we find some good infographics of encounter maps, loot table, and can compile it all. 

-This season feels like whirlwind already, hard to believe its only 2 weeks in! We hope to see more Guardians conquer the Root of Nightmares and enjoying themselves - cheers!