This Week At Bass Pro Fishing Simulator

-This Week At Truth, we explore the deep. The first week of the new season did not disappoint on all fronts. Season of the Deep brought back Titan, a new arc involving Sloane and the creature of the Titan Deep we now know is named Ahsa, a whole lot of Kalli kills, and a brand new Dungeon to explore! And FISHING!!! Casting supers and rods, that's the way Destiny was meant to be, I guess. We'll recap all the hype news from last week and give you all the important details for this week so you can get back to catching your sweet loot. Also, hopefully everyone realized they that did not, in fact, get kicked from the clan rosters, unless you were playing Gambit - we are reviewing those cases currently.

-So.....we were NOT prepared for a Final Shape teaser trailer during the SONY Playstation Showcase, but boy did it deliver. Lots to speculate on how is Dad back?! and more. We are aware that leaks of Final Shape stuff is already hitting the internet. We have a #leaks_datamines_spoilers chat for that type of stuff, but with Final Shape still so far away and none of that stuff meaning to see the light of day yet, it feels disingenuous IMO to even be discussing what's out there, so view the channel at your discretion. Bungie also dropped their plans for Marathon, an extraction PvP shooter that happens to have some of the big-named Destiny devs working on it, as we get more info on the game over the next 1-2 years we'll be sure to be following what's going on there.

-We'll have a new seasonal piece to the Sloane/Ahsa story today, be sure to keep any story stuff in #season-of-chase-crawford to avoid spoiling others. 

-Iron Banana is back! The first Iron Banner of the season goes live this week. Game mode is TBD, but with the removal of Wizened Rebuke and Hero's Burden, we get the return of the Swarm of the Raven GL and a new strand Fusion Rifle, Pressurized Precision. Happy hunting! 

-Elsewhere, The Corrupted is the Nightfall this week (reminder GMs will open up in 2 weeks!). Zone Control and Mayhem are the Crucible rotators. Garden of Salvation and Spire of the Watcher (1st time!) are the Pinnacle rotators. Spire moved into the rotation because.....

-.....Ghosts of the Deep launched this past Friday! We hope everyone that had a chance to explore the Dungeon was able to do so. What a visually stunning Dungeon, amazing environments and lore, and some awesome D1 callbacks throughout. Maybe you got some cool new armor and weapons, and maybe you got as lucky as I did and got The Navigator exotic trace rifle on your second clear! (I am bragging, deal with it). Now that we've hit weekly reset, we are dropping the spoiler ban on the new dungeon, posts and description are fair game in all channels, LFG posts can name bosses, etc. 

-So if Iron Banner and a new Dungeon aren't your thing, maybe you've jumped into the new fishing activity. We want to give people an opportunity to flex their fishing prowess. In Discord, we will be adding a standalone role that displays on members list for the person who has the largest single catch! The Reel Big Fish role will be tracked via Charlemagne and the honor updated weekly based on who is at the top of the leaderboard. The inaugural role goes to Deepak

-That's a lot to unpack this week, and we hope you have fun doing so! Cheers