This Week At Iron Banana and Surprise Seasonal Info

-This Week At Truth, Bungie casually dropped a secret Imbaru puzzle and cutscene that sets up next season. Cat is out of the bag at this point, and on November 28th we will officially be playing Season of the Wish. That is about all we know, with no other information released about The Final Shape delays or extended seasonal time, we will have to wait and see for the rest. 

-Iron Banner returns this week for the final seasonal iteration. Control is the game mode, and based on last week's TWID will also be your last chance to grab a Dark Decider Auto Rifle or Gunnora's Axe Shotgun, which will be leaving the loot pool in Season 23. 

-Lightblade is the GM and Nightfall, with Loaded Question as the weapon to earn. Rift and Momentum Control are the rotators for Crucible this week (remember, no Trials in IB weeks), and we have bonus Crucible ranks across all PvP modes. Trio rotators are King's Fall raid, Duality dungeon, and Presage exotic mission

-Last week's TWID did drop some nuggets about information going forward, you can rewind and read all about the Crucible updates coming next season and the new ritual weapon, Chivalric Fire, a void caster sword, here! 

-Just two weeks left this season, fret not if you've been putting off seasonal content as it will not be going away. Just make sure you claim challenges and stuff from the season pass (don't forget to grab any items from last season using this link) that you want. I and many others have taken the time this season to not only do Destiny things but also find some respite in other games to mix it up. I always encourage breaks when needed, we and the community will still be here when you're ready to dive in. If you've been grinding away, take the opportunities you can to help your fellow Guardians out as they try and knock out some stuff this season. Cheers!

-Oh hey, one last bit of surprise news. Please welcome the newest member of the admin team, hotlittlecupcake! She will be stepping into the admin role in Discord as well as roster responsibilities for her home at FT. Congrats and welcome aboard!