This Week At Banana Returns

-This Week At Truth, the final Bungie livestream is happening at 1PM ET/10AM PT, be sure to come hang in the #bungie-livestream channel and tune into Bungie's Twitch channel to be able to score those emblem drops! This final episode will preview PvP maps coming in May, the return of two classic exotic missions, Pantheon and more!

-Last week we got a look at the Brave arsenal of weapons and some more info about how we will earn them. Bungie also rolled back statements related to timegating, meaning you'll be able to unlock and earn all of the new weapons and their shiny appearances in 4 weeks instead of the originally planned 7. The dev insight here has all the details of which weapons and what new perks they can roll.  

-MORE VAULT SPACES (when The Final Shape launches)

-Iron Banner is back! A stretch of Trials that lasted 9 weeks is over, as Saladin returns. Alongside Iron Banner is Clash and Elimination nodes, and bonus Crucible ranks all week. PsiOps Battleground: Cosmodrome is the GM and Nightfall. Trio content is Vow of the Disciple raid, Prophecy dungeon, and Seraph's Shield exotic mission.

-big shoutout to Saint Kabr, Court and Impetus who had Chris Proctor on for an awesome chat last week on Massive Breakdowns PVE: Podcast Versus Enemies, and this week will be celebrating their 100th episode! If you haven't given them a listen check them out wherever you get your podcasts .  

-Clan PvP night Saturday!!! 

-that's the news this week, everyone is jazzed up for April 9th and Into the Light, we hope to see some more faces back in the mix in the leadup to The Final Shape! Welcome to April and only 2 more months until TFS! Cheers!!