-This Week At Truth, we say goodbye to pumpkins and hello to Mariah Carey season. Sure, it's only November, but tis the season to be jolly and all that. At reset today, the headless ones will return to dormancy until next year's event. We will also have 4 weeks left until the new season begins! Did you notice that reset is now an hour earlier? Thanks, Ben Franklin. Reset will now be 12PM ET/9AM PT until March.It also means hotfix and downtime begins at 11:45AM ET/8:45AM PT. 

- From the desk of Witt E. Calf, X: I have an ask - of the admins, clan members, community members, and everyone reading this. Be excellent to each other. Keep making this community something we've become so proud of. We've seen this happen at various times over the 5+ years we've been doing this. Content droughts, gameplay issues, lack of reasons to log in - they spill over outside of the game. We get frustrated with the game, we get frustrated with the people around the game, and then we get frustrated with the people like us who play the game, we get Obsessed with community drama, we look for something (anything) to keep our attention. Squabbles, arguments, frustrations boil over and create less-than-excellent moments. We've all done it, admin team included. It is very easy to be reactionary and often more difficult to take a step back, and ask yourself if it is worth getting worked up about something. I'm asking everyone in our community to take a deep breath, don't let the nonsense get to you, and enjoy what we've built here. Anytime You Need A Friend, we can point you in the right direction and to the right access and resources. 

-Now, onto some very good news. An update on our #GoForGold charity drive in September. The profits from the mousepads, alongside a very generous matching donation from our resident website expert officialgale, lead to a donation of $404.23 being made to the kids of St Jude on our behalf! This community continues to be a beacon of good deeds and we can't wait to continue that in December with our next fundraising endeavor: Game2Give! This annual Bungie-sponsored charity drive is one we've participated in the past few years, with more information to come down the road. But we can tease today that our very own ShuaVerde has been selected as a featured streamer AGAIN by Bungie for Game2Give - you can tune in on One Sweet Day that will be announced in the future. We'll have all our community links, updates, incentives and more posted closer to the beginning of the event.

-Did you get enough of the banned game mode and bonus ranks? Well, Shake It Off and get ready. I Know What You Want. At reset today, enjoy double Nightfall rewards with Sepiks Prime and The Devil's Lair as the Nightfall and Grandmaster. This makes for a great week to stock up on resources and try for exotics. Showdown is the Crucible rotator. Our Pinnacle rotators include Garden of Salvation and Grasp of Avarice. 

-If something happens today, well wouldn't that be swell. Maybe today, maybe next week? Maybe not at all? All we know is that something (which until it is in-game should only be discussed in #leaks_datamines_spoilers) might be happening before season's end. Depending on the scope of it, the best channel once something new is in-game is the seasonal channel (you remember that one, right? with the funny, sometimes obtuse names?) #season_of_the_needs_citrus. I'll Be There if it does. 

-Bye Bye for now