This Week At Airborne Effectiveness Illuminati

-Hello friends. I have survived the sweat hell that is Florida in summer to bring you Destiny news and fun from GCX. While there were only 2 of us there representing Clan Truth, St Cephalopod and myself did our best to show off Clan Truth and give people a taste of what we are all about (and pins! I managed to successfully give away 20 of our pins from the merch store - get yours here BTW - to various creators and personalities big and small) 

-At some point today/tomorrow/this week there will be a separate ping showing off a new page on the website - Truth IRL - meant to document Clan meetups and things we do when touching grass. This week Ceph and I will photo dump all the shenanigans from GCX. Next year's event is at the Rosen Shingle Creek Aug 4th and 5th (get ready for SweatCon 2.0), tickets are already on sale, and while I would love to go next year I will not be able to sadly, so I am hoping there can be some more Clan Truth representation to fill the void!

-Trials returned this week seeing over 100,000 players go Flawless in its first sighting this season. This weekend we get Zone Control Trials in the fold with bonus ranks as well. The Mayhem playlist will be the Crucible rotator, and the Nightfall this week is The Corrupted. For your rotating Pinnacles you can destroy Atheon in Vault of Glass or take a trip through the Grasp of Avarice dungeon.

-The community challenge to unlock the last Solar Fragments has been accomplished. If you still haven't done so, make sure you visit Ikora in the tower to unlock them. ICYMI here's a free emblem code T67-JXY-PH6 to commemorate the effort 

-to help centrally house some vital information, the Bungie Help tweets will now autofeed directly into the #sga channel. 

-Pride stuff giveaway! We have a Pride pin and emblem courtesy of onehandedbanditt and a 2nd emblem courtesy of St Cephalopod for you - on the Discord post (since you can't emoji react here on the website) react with the :rainbow flag: emoji to be entered to win, and we will draw winners next week at reset!

-Tune in at reset this week for another installment of Season of the Past Trauma....errr I mean Season of the Haunted storyline. Make sure to keep all conversations in the relevant channels. More Sever missions and story arcs to see. Keep slaying those nightmares and remember to be kind - Cheers!