This Week At A Day Late and a Witty Short

-This Week At Truth, we didn't post this yesterday. But Einstein said time is relative, yeah? Plus this way we can talk Bungie livestream stuff too! 

-Yesterday we got a livestream showcasing some of what to expect in Act II, a note that Episode II - Revenants will have the entire story beat unlocked from Day 1, a preview of Solstice armor, and a look at the new seasonal artifact perks for Act II. Quite the content-packed livestream. Oh yeah, and teleporting chickens, because we needed that I guess........

-Yesterday also kicked off the Bungie Day 2024 Campaign. Donations can get you some emblems or a cool cosmetic bundle, as well as new lifetime donor and fundraiser emblems. There's also an Eververse bundle with proceeds going to the Bungie foundation. I created a link for anyone in Clan Truth looking to donate and get rewards, not sure if I'll be able to get to streaming or coming up with incentives but if I do you'll hear about that next week. 

-Thanks to GOForWanksta for saving me some research yesterday with your weekly notes. Iron Banner week 2 is in full swing and the game mode is Tribute (it's like Gambit, but with Banana). Bonus Crucible ranks still abound, and Zone Control and Elimination are the rotators. Nightfall and GM is the Disgraced with the Uzume sniper as the weapon. King's Fall raid, Grasp of Avarice dungeon, and Vox Obscura exotic mission are the trio rotators. 

-Next week begins Act II of Echoes so be ready to use that #finnish-the-fight channel to talk new story beats and quest stuff again! Until next week, Guardians - cheers!