The Update With A Lot of Links and Some [REDACTED]

This Week At Truth, just 2 more weeks until Witch Queen. I mean…..something has to happen in-game this week, right? Right? Bueller? The Dreaming City has apparently been under construction all season and we missed it, it's about time we learn what is up, right? We have A LOT to unveil this week (and A LOT of links to click), some of it might not be all that obvious. Let’s hit the rest of the in-game stuff:

-Hollowed Lair Nightfall and GM, Comedian and Shadow Price weapons, but bonus Vanguard ranks if you’re looking for a reset or the Ascendancy ornament still. Clash in the rotator playlist. 

-So we have a 6th clan. The community hath spoken and it shall be known as The Ascendant Truth! This new branch of the clan will be under the watchful care of Duchess Disdain, Animal Equinox and Professor. Animal and Professor are new to the Admin team, and we have also added Jack S Raymond to our admin team to replace the open spot in Corrupted Truth. New rosters need bodies, and with 2 weeks before Witch Queen it is the perfect opportunity to be a part of it! You and your friends split across rosters? Is red your favorite color? Do you just love Duchess so much you’ll follow her anywhere in the clan? Interested individuals can go here to join, as well as adjust their Discord roles in the Role assign channel

-thanks to all who submitted montage clips. Shoutout to LoboStele for mashing them together to music. Everything came out amazing, and since so many clips got submitted by people we have a bunch ready to go for the next montage. We took the longer clip and added it to YouTube - oh hey, we have a clan YouTube channel now. Give it a sub while you’re here. Clan Truth Youtube The clips came out so good we decided to take the longer one, upload it to the Bungie Creations page, and submit it this week for Movie of the Week - you can follow this link, sign in to your Bungie account and give it an upvote!

-There was a shorter version of the hype reel made as well. Why on Earth would we need a shorter version of an already-awesome montage video, you ask? Well the short one has it’s own place actually…..


Introducing (if you're on the website reading this....well....then you already know!)

THE one-stop place for clan news, creations, and now MERCH. An absolutely Traveler-sized thank you is owed to OfficialGale for getting this off the ground for us, as well as Shua and the other admins who put in a ton of time towards this. The website will be the hosting sight of TWATs and TITs in the future (with direct links posted to Discord instead of the full bodies of text), as well as an archive of previous ones. The merch store is all Clan Truth merch set at the lowest possible price to get it in more peoples’ hands, and give you a chance to rep this place you’ve been a part of. Any small amounts of profits the merch store does turn will be used towards giveaways in the community and towards charitable outlets that we support each year, like Game2Give, GCX, St Jude’s Play Live, and Extra Life. 

-The website has been something in-the-works for over a month now, and I know just how happy everyone is to see it opened up to the public. So in the last few weeks we’ve now unveiled a clan website, YouTube channel, Twitter and Instagram - our goal being to keep making this community something that we can all be proud of and to keep growing it the way we have. 


-Oh hey - with an early TWAT there's plenty of time to go watch today's ViDoc at 10:00AM ET HYPE TRAIN ROLL ON

-With Witch Queen on the horizon there’s no better time to get your friends back into the game, get them in here and active, and show them what they’ve been missing out on. Cheers!