Savathun is Here and We Are Probably All F**ked

-it is here. Today. Soon (or now, depending when you read this). Witch Queen. Savathun. Deception. Truth. In the famous words of Kronk “Oh yeah, it’s all coming together”. Even Debra Wilson has set the stage for us. It has been 469 days since the last major DLC launch. And we get to celebrate it all, here, together with you.  

-So you’ve never been with us for a DLC or a seasonal launch? We got you covered on how the channels and things work. Even for the veterans of Clan Truth you can expect some very different things this time around

-The Ascendant Truth is still growing. We are always appreciative of those that make the move to help fill and activate rosters - the more the merrier! If you are interested in helping us build this roster up, feel free to put in your request here and update your role in the #role_assign channel  . If you’ve got a group that you play with across clan rosters and do weekly things with, this is a great help to us when people link up in the same clan while building up new rosters.  

-so the Discord activity is at an all-time high for us. Almost 1000 individuals in Discord, hundreds of active members utilizing the discord weekly ---  Thanks to all the new and active members we have for joining and getting us here. We are actually only a few dozen joins away from discoverability, and we can apply for partnership. However, to do this we need to drop the system we have for spoilers, the ‘NSFW’ opt-in was a nice work-around but any channel up for Partnership cannot have NSFW-tagged channels. 

-MOVING FORWARD, to view our seasonal channel and leaks/datamines channel now (since these are clearly marked that spoilers are in them), ***you will NEED to opt-in to the Spoiler Channel Access role in #role_assign*** You will only be able to view those two channels, where spoilers are acceptable, with this new self-assigned role. Anyone can add it from the turtle bot, but if you somehow can’t figure that out then ask an @admin 

-Any discussions of Witch Queen story, quests, lore etc. should not take place in our general discussions channels. There are threads in the #lfg specifically for Witch Queen story LFGs, so you can use those to team up as you work through the story/quests, or the second thread for finding players to join for bounty dumping and XP gains

-a huge Thank You-You’re Welcome to those who have been visiting the site and buying merch. Keep the suggestions coming and we’ll make sure @officialgale never sees sunlight and devotes himself 24/7 to the website only.  Keep checking for updated stuff, new pages, and more in the future! 

-Reposting the Day 1 Raid form and response list   there has been solid interest so far but we are noticing a lack of Team Leader roles, so if anybody is up for the challenge and willing to step up and organize a group please don’t hesitate to reach out to others on the list. 

-We made it to “Year 5”, a few months later than Bungie expected but still got here. For perspective, this is the first DLC since Shadowkeep, almost 900 days ago, where Bungie was actually *in the studio* for DLC launch. From all of us at the Admin team this is an exciting launch for us as well. We’ve never been as large or stable as we are now, never had so many individuals in positions to help this group in-game and behind-the-scenes, and the future is bright for what we can accomplish. We truly have something special with this group, so we say, while you’re out there taking out Debra’s hordes of light-wielding minions, Cheers!