Rhulk's Kicks Don't Hurt As Much Now

-This Week At Truth we have some more PvP to dive into and some new additions to highlight in our discord. 

-What's new this week? New PsiOps Battlegrounds on the Moooooon while our story progresses. Any story or seasonal-related information keeps going in the #season_of_the_🍆channel. Iron Banner returns and new season means new seasonal quest to pick up from Saladin today. New Iron Banner weapons will also drop with their own origin perk - Skulking Wolf (During the Hunt, final blows with this weapon grant enhanced radar and remove you from opposing radar). There will bonus Crucible ranks this week with both Iron Banner and Showdown playlist rotating in this week. The Transcendent Mind in the Glassway strike is our Nightfall this week with a new weapon to earn. sidenote - the clocks went forward an hour here in the US, which means resets are now an hour later than they had been i.e. 10AM PT/1PM ET. 

-Congratulations to all who have conquered Vow of the Disciple since its release! While we only had a handful of brave souls clear the contest mode, we've had 261 unique Clan and Discord members clear the raid as of this post! Congratulations to everyone who gave Rhulk some kicks back this week and have been earning some sweet loot.

-If you've yet to step into the raid this is a great opportunity early in the season and new DLC to get into it! While Vow of the Disciple is definitely a more mechanically difficult raid with many callouts, don't let that scare you off giving it a shot. We have raiders of all ability levels here, many who are still learning the raid themselves and the only way to get more experience is to dive right in.

-To assist with learning Vow (and really all the raids), we've decided to create an informational category called "Raid Resources" in Discord. Under this category are 5 channels - one for each active raid - that you can view explanations of raid encounters, images of arenas, and more. These channels should make it easier for all members to locate resources and eliminate needing to re-post or find pins for raid mechanics. The #vow_of_the_disciple_discussion channel will be retired today but we've already moved all the necessary information from there to its own Raid Resources channel. 

- DID YOU KNOW?! You can make threads in the #lfg_event_schedule channel for your scheduled Raid/other event. This is a way to discuss and communicate things like voice chat options, gameplan, etc. before your event starts. We will also be looking into temporary channels created by the bot for LFG events in the future

-You may have noticed the Turtle Bot's greetings becoming more frequent in #general_chat. Hitting Discord Discoverability has meant a new influx of players to our server and clan rosters. It also has created an opportunity for individuals with ill-intent to try and take advantage of people. Be on the lookout for potential scams or phishing in your DMs once somebody joins the server, we've already had to block/ban a few individuals so far. Don't click any links you don't trust and when in doubt pass it on to an Admin

-When Witty writes a TWAT you're getting your money's worth on the word count. This will make up for a (per dmg) likely short TWAB on Thursday. Keep slaying out the new raid, enjoy some Iron Banana this week and sit back and relax while the Witch Queen and Season of the Risen story unfolds. If you still haven't, grab your “For “Cоняшник,” emblem code on Bungie rewards by redeeming this code: JVG-VNT-GGG