One More until [REDACTED]

Just 3 more weeks until Witch Queen!

We are officially into release month. The tease videos from Bungie keep building up the hype and we are here for it How about Bungie just dropping new trailers while I’m in the middle of writing this.

Let’s tackle the in-game stuff

With 3 weeks left in the Season, it feels like we’re at the “Bungie doesn’t want to create FOMO for the end of season” territory. This could be the week we see the story progress so as to not hinder those who have been waiting impatiently from potentially missing out, Bungie usually gives a buffer now to prevent FOMO situations.

Proving Grounds Nightfall is back as well as your final opportunity to earn The Swarm and Palindrome this season. The Grandmaster catch-up node goes live this week as well meaning if you’ve yet to complete any particular Grandmaster this season now is the chance!

This weekend will be the final bonus Trials Ranks of the season, and Showdown rotates into the Crucible playlist 

Please continue to post any clips in the Montage threads in the #creations channel - to stay on a timeline we will only be taking clips until Friday. Good clips, bad clips, whatever you want! 

Reposting the Day 1 raid race forms and spreadsheet here: Form and Spreadsheet. Here you can specify your desired role (team leader, participant, or backup/spotter) and your expectations (ranging from just wanting to have fun in a blind run to seriously going for the Day 1 emblem) and use the information to create a team or find teammates. Everyone can view the spreadsheet to help with seeing who might be a good fit for your team - as the raid gets closer we will be collecting team rosters and streams so you can keep up with all of us as we go for the Day 1 attempts 

Discordy Good Stuff

We have a top three for new clan names: in order they were suggested

The Hollow Truth

The Ascendant Truth

The Hallowed Truth

Thanks to everyone who submitted and cast an initial vote. After this announcement there will be a separate voting post below it where you will react to cast your final vote. You can only vote for 1 name as your final choice so choose wisely! Color scheme has been determined, new roster will be created and members will have 2 full weeks before Witch Queen to move over and populate. We'll let you know who's getting added to our @admin ranks starting later this week

Our new meme channel is up and running, #destiny-memes, remember it specifically focuses on things related to this discord: destiny and video games, any unrelated posts will be removed.

We’re adding a new channel to populate with #helpful_links, if you have a suggestion that isn’t in there initially throw it to an admin, I think we have a good set to begin with but these will be useful links for in-game stuff and clan/discord stuff

-ninja edit come join us Thursday night for some clan PvP and celebrating the better Pentad's birthday with

As always, if we do get some new stuff remember to keep it in the proper channels. New story progression goes in #season-of-the-dark-corners-of-time and unreleased/leaked stuff goes in #spoilers_leaks_datamines . 3 more weeks until we take on the Witch queen - cheers!